Streets 2008 stopping after 5 to 6 weeks
Again, I want to thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson I just didn't understand.
Mike Flannigan
Marvin Hlavac
No problem, Mike.

Actually, I have a full copy of S&T 2008 with Licence key but I expect a long 'chat' with MS support on Monday - something to look forward to!
FWIW, MS has a KB article 314590 dated April 30, 2008 covering this. I followed the instructions and fixed it. 5 min.
Marvin Hlavac
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The KB article covers a similar issue, but not exactly the same as discussed in this thread, though.
If someone could please email me the Microsoft support file that would be great. I have spent 6 hours troubleshooting this issue, it would have been nice if Microsoft had something in there knowledge base regarding this problem. I found this 12 page post 4 pages into my 10th google search!

Thanks in advance.
Marvin Hlavac
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Originally Posted by Marvin Hlavac
Please correct me anyone if I'm wrong here, but if I understand it correctly, this file resets the 60 day trial period back to day one. If that's the case, the problem with sharing this particular file is, that it would allow anyone to use unlimited number of installations of Streets & Trips indefinitely (beyond the 60 days).

I think it is reasonable that Microsoft has not released this file as a publicly available download. I would not want this website to be used to leak the file to the public. I hope you understand. Thanks.
I hear Microsoft technical support is now quite quick at fixing it. Just give the a phone call, and your Streets & Trips 2008 should be running in no time.
Marvin's correct, ring up MS Support (not an easy thing to do if you live in the UK as you have to ring the US Support number) They will most likely remote take over your PC, you get taken to www.skydrive.live.com where somewhere there is the download file to correct MS S&T2008, unfortunately it's password protected so as much as I'd like to pass the file on, I can't. You do have the 'excitement' of speaking to someone in India when you eventually get put through though! The two numbers you can try are:- +1 800 936 5700 & +1 866 452 4755. I only wish I could help more as it's a pain to ring MS Support
Can you send me the file you used to fix Streets & Trips 2008 as i am not having any luck with Microsoft Support! Thanks!
Did you have any luck getting the file to repair Streets & Trips 2008? I am having the same problem and have spent hours with Microsoft support as well with no luck! Thank!
Marvin Hlavac
... as nobby said, the file is password protected, so it wouldn't do you any good.
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