Streets 2008 stopping after 5 to 6 weeks

I will uninstall and reinstall as you suggest.

I'ts past my bedtime, so I'll try in the morning and let you know.


Mike Flannigan
Did complete Explorer search Streets folder had well over 1gb in it. NO exe. file !!
Uninstalled and restarted.
Reinstalled and restarted. No offer to register. No desktop Icon.
Searched with Explorer before trying to start. 1.08gb in folders. NO exe. !!
Data File - 989mb, no exe. Data File (356) 989mb, no exe. Licenses File, Samples File, Template File.
Created shortcut on desktop, right clicked, clicked on Shortcut tab, clicked on advanced properties Run as administrator box is grayed out as well as Run in separate memory space box which is checked. I cannot change.
Spent the last two hours on search in M.S. found nothing.
Tried to register, asked for Product ID NOT Product Key, can't get product ID without opening program and going to help. Given no option to register with Product Key, which I have. Back to square one.
I guess I'm going to have to uninstall and do without Streets aaarrgh !
Thank God I have Map Source although it's no replacement for Streets. We are on a 6000 mile trip to the west coast for 3 months !!!!
I think I'm going to try to find a 2007 copy (mine is at home 1600 miles from here) and see if it works.
I really appreciate the time you have spent on this. Thanks doesn't cover it.
Mike Flannigan
I spent some time finding this as well. On the back of your GPS locator is where the product ID number is. Enter this number when you are asked for product ID.
I haven't read all these reply's carefully so maybe you knew this.
Perhaps you have reinstalled the program so many times that it mistakenly thinks you are trying to add the program to another computer.

Thanks a lot for responding. I can use all the help I can get. I do not have the version with GPS. After trying this several times the professional I had; at the store, got a new disc from his shelf and tried to install it. The same thing happened !!!!!!!!
Thanks again for your help.
Mike Flannigan
There is a help address can be found on the control panel//Add or remove programs. Click on the Streets and trips in the add//remove and then click on the help or info that you find there instead of the remove tab when Streets and Trips is highlighted..

There seems to be quite a bit of info there. I didn't look for your problem but I seem to always have some kind of problem with my computer so I found this area helpfull on other programs.

Maybe this will help.
Marvin Hlavac
There is no Streets.exe file after an install? That is odd! Instead of "searching", would you please try to use Windows Explorer to browse to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Streets & Trips\folder? What folders and files do you see? Isn't Streets.exe file there??? (If not, I will e-mail you the one file to see what will happen when you place it there (if you want to test it).
In Explorer, Streets is listed in; c/Program Files (x86)Microsoft Streets & Trips
That's where I have done all my searches from Explorer.

I opened all 5 folders and there is no exe. file anywhere.

There are 5 folders in Microsoft Streets & Trips;
Data has 15 items - MDB-HTML-DAT-DCT-NDX-VLF-PSI-MAD-ITS files no exe.
Data(356)-has 14 items-MDB-HTML-PSI-MAD-ITS-DAT-VLF files no exe.
Licenses-has 27 items-all XrML no exe.
Samples-has 2 items-color sample & color table.pal
Templates-has 1 item-New North American Map 7kb

That's all that is listed.

I have nothing to lose by trying anything.

Thanks a lot for your help.
Marvin Hlavac

Streets.exe is actually not located in any of the sub-folders, but rather it is located right inside C:\Program Files\Microsoft Streets & Trips\ folder. Can you see it there?
Looks like I have found it.

Streets Icon - It is 7,070kb

Type: Application

I tried to open it and the same thing happens as before, nothing. I right clicked it and in properties I clicked on "Run as Administrator". Tried to open, it attempts to and then Nothing happens.
I failed to mention it is just the IconStreets NO extension
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by flannigan
I failed to mention it is just the IconStreets NO extension
You need to change your VIEW setting so that you get a "DETAILS" view. Then go back to the VIEW menu and click "Choose Details...". Choose everything except Comments and File System.

I'm going by the View menu in XP but it should be similar enough in Vista for you to figure it out.

Your problem is that you have a view in the Windows Explorer that won't show you what you are looking for. The display of the file type (eg. .exe, .doc etc) is suppressed so you will never see STREETS.EXE even though it is there (the icon names "STREETS").

Ken: I have the details view open. All of the items have their extensions shown except the Streets Icon ??? When I try to open it tries to for about 2-3 seconds and then stops. When I right click and click on open, same thing; when I right click and click on "run as administrator" same thing. When I right click and open properties it shows it as a Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008 <exe> ????

Thanks for your help.
Mike Flannigan
Marvin Hlavac
Not seeing the EXE extension is not a problem. By default you will not see it, but some users like to see all extensions. That can easily be accomplished by going to any folder in Windows XP, and then clicking Tools => Folder Options => View => remove check-mark in front of "Hide extensions of known types".

However, as much as I wish we could help you solve the main problem at hand, it seems that we may not be able to. Microsoft is apparently aware of starting related issues several customers with the 2008 version reported. I wish I could reproduce the problem on one of my computers, but "unfortunately" every installation of S&T 2008 I've done worked just fine.

I'm afraid that unless some user offers some solution, we may need to wait till MSFT solves the problem.

P.S. Do you by any chance have Streets & Trips 2007 as well? If yes, and if you just want one year newer map data, I could try to tell you, step-by-step, how you could try to update your S&T 07 with the map data of your S&T 08 (since your S&T 08 is at this point useless to you otherwise).

At the risk of sounding corny, I can only say you guys go out of your way to help someone who doesn't know near as much as you.

Thanks for all of your time and efforts.

I won't get back to home until about March 6th and I will definitely miss being able to use M.S. Streets. At that time I'll reinstall my 2007 and be happy.

I'm grateful I have Map Source to fall back on.

I hope I see a fix from M.S.

Thanks again.

Mike Flannigan
the issue is occuring becoz there is some issue in the registry.

Right Registry entries

Incorrect registry entries
in some case the aplication does not start afater installing and in some case the application is working for few days then stops working.

the issue is occuring in vista as well as xp os.

what causes this issue in the registry is still unknown.

is it an issue with the software or
is it an issue with corrupt user account.
or is it an issue of caused becoz of some update
or becoz of security software or may be unknown virus

there is no clue.
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