ALK CoPilot Live Laptop Truck 9 install off of flash drive
I did this in December. Now after sending the laptop in for service and my ALK CoPilot Truck 9 is gone, and now to save my life i can't remember how I did it. Does anyone know which folder the data, or data folder, has to go in to stop getting the road map CD error?

Thanks for looking, greenguru

To install Copilot from a flash drive you will need to perform the below steps:

1. Copy the entire contents of the installation to your Flash Drive
2. Now open the NA Map Data CD
3. Browse to \Program Files\CoPilot\Laptop9\NA
4. Right click on the DATA folder and choose Copy
5. Now open the Flash Drive and browse to \Program Files\CoPilot\Laptop9\NA
6. Go to the Edit menu and select Paste. This should copy the Data folder from the CD to the Flash Drive
7. Once all the files have been copied, you can run the install from the flash drive.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi greenguru,

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Did the instructions sent by ALK help you solve the problem?
Yea you just put it in the data folder and then you get a error and it tells you where it goes Thanks greenguru
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