Streets and Trips cannot download construction update
Working on a roadtrip for Memorial weekend and once I brought up the route planner, there's the the "Construction information is out of date / click to update" banner.

Every time I go to download the update I get a "Couldn't download the update" error.

Huh? Any suggestions?
Ken in Regina
Hi LineChaser,

If you look at the very bottom of this page you'll see a section with related discussions listed. There should be at least a couple of discussions listed in it that already cover this question. You should find the solution in one of them.

Doh! There it is. Done and done. Thanks. Appreciate your patience and guidance.
Ken in Regina
Glad it helped.

No "Doh!" involved in this. You couldn't see the suggested threads until after you posted the original question. The only way you would have seen that other section at the bottom is to come back and re-read your original post ... and how many of us think to do that??

What you could have done was use the Search box at the upper left of every page. It's a Google search now (but just for the Laptop GPS World sections, not the whole internet), so it's pretty good. If you had done a search on "construction update" from the MS Streets & Trips index page you would have got the same hits as in the section at the bottom.

Marvin Hlavac
Originally Posted by Ken in Regina
If you had done a search on "construction update" from the MS Streets & Trips index page...
Actually currently the Google search feature doesn't search specific forum sections. It searches the whole laptopgpsworld.com. Perhaps I could try to figure out a way to optionally search only specific forums.
Ken in Regina
Hi Marvin,

I just made a bad assumption. I would not try to optimize by forum section. If someone has a problem with a specific program they have two simple options. They can either restrict the search by entering all, or part, of the name of the product along with their other search words. Or they can just ignore the results that are not related to the product they're interested in.

The upside of not optimizing by forum section is that you get a broader possibility for good answers if your question isn't specific to one product. It's actually nice to know that I don't have to be careful where I launch my search from for fear of missing something useful.

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