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Fix existing issues with a patch and not a next year's version
That Microsoft would fix the existing issues with a patch and not a version for 2010.

For starters, fix the repeating and very annoying "off route" and "proceed to route" bug. This has been a pet peeve since I upgraded from Streets and Trips 2007, which worked just fine. I mistakenly thought that I was getting route updates not a broken product. Yes, I do know of the work-around: F7 to silence to voice. Not necessarily the safest thing to do when driving, eh?!?

This is a know issue. Larry at MS has acknowledged it on this site. To date there has been no such acknowledgement within the MS&T support site "top issues" nor has there been any commitments to fix the current version. Start with that and maybe I'll consider further upgrades in the future. You want any more of my money, don't give me something thats broken "out-of-the-box"!

But possibly I may only be doing this:
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