Streets and Trips error: Registry settings not copied correctly
I have had Streets and Trips 2009 installed and runnung for a couple months and all of a sudden it won't run any more. When I click on it it says:

Your registry settings for this application were not copied correctly. To correct these settings, run setup again for this application from the location where you originally installed it.

I did this and got the same reply so I decided to uninstall and reinstall but keep getting the same reply when I try to run it.

Reinstalling doesn't fix the registry. Any ideas as to what to look for and what to do to in the registry to fix this?

If you use Vista go to Windows Security Center and turn off "User Account Control". Streets will run again, you don't need to reinstall it!
Thanks!! Alaskanyukon your suggestion worked.

Every time I try to open Microsoft Street and Trips 2009 it displays an error of:

Your registry settings for this application were not copied correctly. to correct these settings, run setup again for this application from the location where you originally installed it.
Can someone please help me with this, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it several times and it still will not work. My O.S. is Vista Home and I am the administrator for that matter only user.

P.S. Hopefully thank you to anyone who helps in advance.
Did you try as the error message suggested. Run setup again rather than uninstalling and reinstalling. It sounds like it is installed in a location other than the standard one.

Yes, I have tried that to but it still does not work I have also tried creating another user account on my computer like a web site suggested still same error pops up.
Marvin Hlavac
Badaldean, I moved your and Terry's posts to this related discussion thread. Re-read the earlier made suggestion(s) for a possible solution.
Thank you Marvin that helped the user control was the problem everything seems to be working fine now.

Many thanks for your solution. This also works with Windows 7 and Autoroute 2006. I have been trying to find a solution to this problem for 2 weeks. The Microsoft "solution" does not seem to work. If you uninstall the program as they advise and do a clean boot, "Windows Installer" will not load to reinstall the program.

Thanks once again

Dave in the UK
MS Streets & Trips 2009 has exhibited the same problem on my HP laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate 64. The MS workaround, i.e., running it in administrator mode, does work, but, an associated problem with that workaround is that Streets & Trips 2009 doesn't recognize any of the installed printers; it just gets into a circle saying there are no printers installed, do you want to install one, and just repeats that circle. Uninstalling Streets & Trips, deleting left over files, and doing a clean boot doesn't solve the problem.

What has worked, though only temporarily, is to uninstall the program, run a registry cleaner, then a registry defragger, followed by a reboot, and then reinstalling Streets & Trips. But, this is only temporary; after several hours, starting Streets & Trips results in the " ... files not copied correctly ... " error message.

But, disabling UAC does work ... thanks very much for the tip!

Has anyone been able to match this problem with a specific Windows update?
Installed Streets & Trips 2010 (trial) on a Vista 32 bit system. Though disabling UAC is a viable workaround (thx Alaskanyukon), I prefer to retain this security feature system wide. I created Streets.exe shortcut, added it to the Start Menu, and made the necessary 'Run as Administrator' changes in the Properties tab of that shortcut.
Yes, I have done that also, and it allows Streets & Trips to open, but, in my experience, that doesn't solve the issue that Streets & Trips doesn't recognize installed printers. As always, individual experiences can & will vary ... !
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New to forum - hope you can help.

Have been using Streets & Trips for years, currently 2008. Last week I had some laptop problems, and the Dell lady updated my BIOS, and had me do a few other things, and then all was well again. All programs work except for Streets & Trips. I get a box that says the following in part:

Your registry settings for this application were not copied correctly...
Went on to say that I should run Setup again from the original place I ran it from. So, twice now, I have tried to run Setup again from the DVD. Still same message.

My only other thought is to uninstall the whole thing and install it again. I'm concerned about all the maps I have made - if I do a complete install again and the program works, will the newly installed program still access all the maps I have?

Thanks for any help you can give me.
Welcome to the Forum, David!

The maps you have made will have been saved as EST files and, to the extent they have not been erased, should still be right where they were saved and therefore not subject to being lost by a fresh re-installation.

Even with a re-installation you may have license issues, however. If you do, a call to Customer Service at Microsoft should resolve them to your satisfaction.

But, bottom line, I think you should try to re-install the application from the CD. Don't forget to write down your license number before uninstalling.
I assume by license you mean the Product Key in with the DVD?
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