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Wish List for Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010
After using for years Streets and Trips I can say that are not many users "heavier" in using it than me when it comes to Streets & Trips.
All the things from my "wish list" are already written by others.
I opened the thread because I really want to happen things with S&T. So instead me adding let's say ....."driving guidance pane should be smaller and should have the feature auto-hiding..." so I would suggest that all the suggestions to be on one single "wish list" and to be sure that the list will go to Microsoft guys in charge with this software.
Then, at the release of let's say Streets and Trips 2010 to compare the wish list with 2010 version and see what was changed and what not. I'm sure that some wishes are not in the benefit of the software but at least 75% from the wish-list are reasonable and achievable.
I'm using for example Streets & Trips at night a lot of times and believe me, is very difficult for an unexperimented driver to read the map (Streets & Trips) in night-mode.
The colors (at night) and the way it is right now is making S&T in fact useless. I was one time in downtown Chicago and I've got hard times with the night-mode. Near Sears Tower in Chicago, 18 wheels, 80 000 lbs, night, no idea of where I'm going ....I let u guys use your imagination what fun I've got then. (I forgot to mention something important: every time when I'm passing through downtown Chicago, or New York my GPS signal disappear completely, and until I will not leave the downtown area the signal will not come back. Is not about tall building, is something also which I don't know.)
Was "funny" too in downtown Los Angeles one night I was delivering to a celeb house and I was lost because of inexpressibility of the map. No different colors, I don't know where the line is starting and where is ending and a lot others.
I'm happy that other people already wrote it in wish lists and I'm not the only one.
So I'm thinking that one single wish list with all the users ideas will be a such great thing and would really help the Microsoft guys who are working at Streets & Trips.

Also I was wondering where I can send my feedbacks during my 12-14 000 miles every month all over North America referring the mistakes on the map. I was driving a lot of times and what was on the map was not in the reality o the road. In Canada for example there are streets with different names then map. But the error is only for S&T 2009, because in S&T 2007 the name is correct. So .....????? i don't understand ...2007 was good and 2009 has errors ? i think should be the opposite...!!!
Anyway, I would appreciate a place where I can send all my observations regarding the map accuracy.

Take care everyone and drive safe
Marvin Hlavac
I can't even imagine the stress of driving an 18 wheeler, 80,000 lbs, in the middle of the night, in the middle of an unknown city, bad GPS reception, etc, etc.

There was a discussion recently on the topic of where to send map corrections: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/1636-how-report-data-accuracy-errors-microsoft-streets-trips

I'm not certain what is preferable: 1) all issues in one long thread, or 2) a separate issue in a separate thread. Perhaps Larry or Gladwin or some other person from Microsoft can comment on that. I think the advantage of a new thread for a new issue is that you can give it a unique and descriptive title, and that may make it easier for others to navigate through all the topics in this Wish List forum.
Mosse_master said:
I'm using for example S&T at night a lot of times and believe me, is very difficult for an unexperimented driver to read the map (S&T) in night-mode.
In my case, i seldom use night mode, but i am just lowering the screen brightness of my laptop as much as possible, and i can drive with the day colors instead...

driving guidance pane should be smaller and should have the feature auto-hidding
As a workaround, you can install S&T Keys 2009 for S&T 2009 (see the link in my signature) and with a single letter "O" key pressed, you can hide/unhide the driving guidance bottom pane while driving full screen (it is better than nothing ).
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