Help need Easy way to open 2007 Map and automatically keep 2007 pushpins
I have the 2007 pushpins in the 2009 version of Microsoft Streets and Trips already. My problem is how do I open a 2007 map and have the pushpins that were on there before display? In other words I can make new maps with the 2007 pushpins but how do I open older maps and keep the 2007 pushpins without having to change them one by one cause 2009 automatically opens them with default pushpins.
You can change all the pushpins at once instead of one by one. Open the file in 2009 and at the left when the legend and overview window is open you right click on the file and click properties. At that point you can change the symbol to whatever you want.
I should have specified that each pushpin has a different symbol
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