Installing Streets and Trips on SD Memory Card
Just purchased a netbook with very limited HD. Is it possible to install S&T on SD Memory Card and use S&T from the memory card without installing on HD?
S&T is not a stand alone program. It needs entries in Windows registry. That said, the SD card will appear as another drive letter so you could use the custom install option to put S&T there.

You would still need some method of installing S&T though. A networked or USB DVD reader would do the job. Or you could copy it to an SD or USB storage device, transfer it to your netbook in its own folder, install it to the SD card and erase the storage folder. Or you could download it to the netbook, install to your SD card and delete the downloaded folder.

The netbook may not be able to read from the SD card as quickly as the built-in SSD though so this may affect S&T performance.

Have not had success yet, as it still looks for the CD. Suggestions?
Marvin Hlavac
How did you try to install it, flytyer2?
Installed via wifi from networked cd to sdhc. Reloaded and it seems to be working now. Must have made an error. Thanks for your quick reply.
Finally got back to S&T and it won't work on the netbook. Keeps wanting to go back to the CD drive from which I wirelessly loaded it for authorization? Please, any suggestions? I just don't have the hard drive storage to keep it on the netbook so loading and keeping it on the flash drive in the netbook would be an ideal solution.
I do not really understand why you want to run S&T from a SDHC.

If your reason is to have routes on the SDHC, I hope you understand that you can do that and access those routes from your hard-drive installed S&T.

That is what I do. I have S&T properly installed on both my pc and laptop and save the routes to a removable drive (actually a CompactFlash card, but it could easily be a SD card). That way, I always have to up-to-date route on the CF card and I just plug that into the computer in front of me and off I go.
After installing numerous times on SD card, I finally had success. The reason for installing on the card is the netbook has very limited hard drive space.
OK, thanks; makes sense.
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