Use Garmin Nuvi as a laptop GPS receiver?
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I'm new here so please forgive my naivete!
I'm wondering if it's possible to connect a Garmin nuvi 360 to a laptop for use with Microsoft Streets and Trips. I know there are some issues with USB vs. serial connections, but do these apply to S&T, and, if not, are there ways around it?
Basically I'd like to try to avoid buying a USB GPS receiver for my laptop when I already have another GPS receiver.

Thanks for your help!
I don't believe any of the Garmin Nuvi series actually output GPS data to any connection you might make to them. I have a 200C and 750 and they certainly don't.

USB GPS receivers a very inexpensive. That will be the easy solution.

Marvin Hlavac

I just did a quick eBay search for BU-353, which is a popular USB GPS receiver, and I see several sellers offering it for around $36 with free shipping.

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Hi dri3s

Terry and Marvin have given the answer and possible solution but I just wanted to add that your question is a popular one. I've heard this same question many times from people I've met at the RV shows across the country.
Hi all,
Also a newbie. In a follow-up to dri3s, I also have a Nuvi 660 and had the same thoughts. If I buy a GPS receiver, such as the BU-353, is there any additional fees for using the BU-353, such as a monthly usage fee? If not, would the only other fees be the purchasing of Streets & Trips, and then occasional update fees?
Replig to 'wrpare'...

There is no fee for using a GPS receiver. Just the cost of the receiver and whatever hardware you are connecting it to. Assuming you already own a laptop running Streets/Trips, you will have everything you need once you get the receiver.

If you have not already purchased Streets/Trips, they have packages that include USB GPS receivers. The total cost of buying a combo package might be less than buying the "maps only" version plus a 3rd party receiver.
Ok, thanks for the info.
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