Importing data to PC Navigator 8
I have just installed Nav 8 and cannot find how to import data files, POI's speed-camera's etc. Navigator 8 help file says it can be done - look in Map Explorer help file for details. Both help files refer to files in the program which are not in my copy. (Help files are as good as a chocolate coffee pot)

I can import data to Map Explorer and save it. I can later open Map Explorer and view the data, both in list form and visually. However, I cannot get it to appear in Navigator. I am obviously missing something somewhere.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong please?
Finally sussed it. Manually put icons in image file

Map Explorer imports the data to the correct file.
However it does not import the icons to the images file, it only links to them.

In order to save space I deleted the original file after I thought Map Explorer had it.

Therefore - no image - Nav 8 cannot display data or navigate to it.
Marvin Hlavac
When I get my hands on the new PC Navigator 9, I will try to play with the import feature. I no longer have version 8 available for testing. I only had an evaluation version, which was good for a limited time (I think 90 days).
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