Netbooks + Street and Trips
I have Street and Trips 2007 with gps. I have a few question about using it with the web pc, 8 to 10 inch. My question If i purchase S&T 2009 with out gps will the gps from 2007 work with it? Not sure about this. (I currently have an gateway 15 in screen and it too large for my van; and my wife saturn. I want to put on dash)

I also would like recomendation for which web pc to purchace and why?
I have look at a few but not sure which way to go. Would like to keep it under 350/400.

Thanks to all who respond.
Ken in Regina
I'm not sure what you mean by a "web PC".

The GPS receiver from your S&T 2007 will work fine with S&T 2009.

I cetainly do not have all of your answers, but the GPS receiver that came with your 2007 edition will work just fine with the 2009 edition. As far as "on the dash" mounting, just keep in mind that overly eager law enforcement personel may find that "not acceptable" as well as the possiblity of it moving around if you have to execute an emergency avoidance maneuver. As to the web pc others will have to speak to that subject.
Good Luck
Marvin Hlavac
Originally Posted by Ken in Regina
I'm not sure what you mean by a "web PC".
Ken, I suspect beater may be talking about netbooks, so I edited the title accordingly.

:welcome: to the forums, beater!
Marvin Hlavac

In case anyone want's to ask again if Microsoft Streets & Trips software works on netbooks, in the new Streets & Trips 2010 (released this week) all the buttons in the various panes do now fit on the screen of today's netbooks.
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