Will MS Streets and Trips 2009 run on an Acer netbook?
I have been doing some reading and am confused. Will MS Streets 2009 run on a Acer netbook? I read that it requires 1028 X 768, and i believe the Acer is 1028 x 600. I tried to read all the threads and not really sure. I have 90% sure that i will purchase the Acer with 1.6 gig processor. But how long has this unit been out? When does Acer update there equipment? Any other information appreciated.

Thank you
I would be reluctant to try and run MS Streets and Trips on an Acer Aspire One. If you compare the System requirements needed for S&T to the Specs of the Acer, there are some short comings to me

The Acer comes standard with a Linux operating system, You would need the Windows XP upgrade for starters
Streets and Trips will run on my ASUS r2h UMPC at 800x480. It is only a Celeron 900 so S&T should be ok on an Acer Aspire One running Windows.

I just noticed Beater's other thread.

I assume you have a decent laptop already. If your desire is for a small platform physical size wise, maybe adding an Auto use, Touch-Screen Flat panel and use it as a second monitor, could be an option to consider. It also, may be more cost effective and maintain computing power so to speak

If you Search for user "OTR", he has a nice set-up
I am running MS S&T 2009 on my Gateway LT104u which is the same as the Aspire One running Windows XP. It is assume how fast it acquires satellite connections and how quick it responds if you make a wrong turn. I fly all over the US and would take my 5 pound laptop and would rent a car with NeverLost. But not anymore, I take my netbook and use MS S&T. MS S&T is great and it made my netbook that much more indispensable to me.
I have it on my Lenovo S10 and it kinda lags. The S10 has the exact same processor as the Acer Aspire One.
On battery? Aggressive power-savings settings can .

Other than that, make sure to check the usual suspects. What's CPU usage? What else is running? Does it perform better if antivirus is off? What exactly is lagging -- the UI, or voice announcements, or what?
Everything is on full, CPU, fan speed, backlight etc.

CPU usage according to task manager is usually under 10% with nothing open. I am using Avast Home Edition anti virus, so I don't think that's the problem. I also have 2GB Ram installed.

When it lags, I mean when I scroll the map. On my other Lenovo T60 it doesn't lag at all, but on the S10 it will take a bit of time to scroll to where I want to. The calculating speed also suffers, and I would assume the GPS function as well.
Even though you think anti-virus is not the problem, you should turn it off and see if that makes a difference.

AVG has been reported to cause extreme slowdowns in S&T startup, by as much as a factor of three. We had a thread on this last year that went round and round, until we finally narrowed down the problem to AVG: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/582-streets-trips-takes-too-long-start#post3147

It would not surprise me if AVG also caused extreme slowdowns in S&T operation.
Ken in Regina
The slow map redraw when you pan is normally a function of poor video performance rather than a function of CPU or hard drive overload. Is there any way you can check to see what differences there are between the video chips in your S10 versus the Aspire One? It's possible that the S10 has a better video chip and possibly more video RAM.

The problem we chased down with slow loading of Streets&Trips because of AVG antivirus was caused by AVG impeding disk performance, not by any effect it had on the CPU performance. It only affected S&T's load times and not any other aspects of its performance. I was the guy with the problem. I used Avast Home briefly but I'm back to using AVG Free because recent versions have improved in their impact on hard drive performance.

When you say that "calculating speed also suffers", what do you mean by "calculating speed"? Route calculation? It suffers compared to what? How did you test to compare?

Can you test to see if the GPS tracking function also suffers (lags?) rather than just assuming? Troubleshooting is a bunch easier with hard data.

Everything is just slower compared to a full size laptop. The chipset in the s10 is the same for pretty much all net books, unless the higher end net books that uses nvidia.

And the calculating time is the GPS calculating time, and it was compared to my other full size laptop.

When using this on the road, i would travel down the road, for example, and reach an intersection, but the gps will be behind by a bit. When I stop, then it will catch up.
Ken in Regina
The GPS "realtime" tracking lag is normal because it's not really realtime. Most GPS receivers send data to the PC once per second, so the map display is always guaranteed to be at least one second behind reality.

In another thread, we established through testing that the lag in the map display could be as much as three or four seconds. When testing with the same receiver, this was consistent among at least four GPS programs (MS Mappoint 2009, iNav iGuidance, Garmin Mobile PC and Garmin nRoute). When testing with the same GPS software (pick any one of the above programs) we established that it varied a little bit among four common GPS receivers (i.Trek M7, Garmin GPS10x, Globalsat BU-353, Pharos 500) but did not vary a lot.

This lag is more obvious the faster you are travelling and the tighter you are zoomed on the map. The lag appears even worse when starting and stopping.

In my case, this testing was done with a fullsize laptop.

I've been using Streets & Trips 2009 on a "Walmart" Acer (XP) for a couple of months. It works at least as fast as on my Dell laptop. The only shortcoming is when running GPS with "driving instructions" on, it leaves very little viewable screen. It would seem like a great idea for Microsoft to design a version of Streets & Trips specifically for the netbook sized computers. It's much better sized for mobile use than a regular laptop!
Marvin Hlavac
sailoredon, welcome tro Laptop GPS World.

It would seem like a great idea for Microsoft to design a version of Streets & Trips specifically for the netbook sized computers.
Indeed, these days mini-laptops sell probably better than regular-sized laptops, so it could make good business sense for software developers to make at least minor adjustments to their laptop software so it works well on smaller screens.

Since you are a Streets & Trips user, come over also to our Streets & Trips forum.
I have run Microsoft's Streets & Trips 2009 w/ublox (spelling?) receiver and Garmins Mobile PC (bundled) w/X20 receiver on a couple Dell Mini 9 netbooks.

I find the Garmin recalculates quicker; almost instantly, whereas the S&T lags by a few seconds. Both (software packages and netbooks) on the same routes tested and each software package/receiver with good number of satellite locks on multiple trips. Consistent results.

I haven't tested side by side. It wasn't that important to me. Just an observation, giving Garmin the edge in this area for me.

S&T works on the Mini, however I have the resolution set at 96% of 1024x600 with the task bar hidden to get the most vertical real estate. In addition to the above I have S&T menu bar minimized. Even so, in the "Planning Pane", the button on the bottom is just barely accessible.

S&T is excessive with some of its field areas, IMO. If the fields were a bit smaller in relation to the text size in the given field, the lower resolutions of a netbook would work just fine.

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