GPSGate Box Rejecting Email & Lic Key
Aspire One & XP Home

When I tried to enter these with copy & paste the touchpad requires at least 2 clicks & the box disappears into the atmosphere at clk 1?

When I try typing it in I suppose it gets insulted & slams the ok gate shut?

And yes I've sent msg to their Support team but weekend & don't know if the Sweeds still have those or not.

Thnx, Gben
Ken in Regina
Have you tried using the keyboard shortcuts for copy (CTRL-C) and paste (CTRL-V)?

Thanx Ken,

Sorry I have to come back here & worry wart you Guys agn.

I've tried what you said abt cntrl C & V but no response in either.

Went also to the Synaptics settings & changed to the lock mode but still requires the clicking to activate.

This is the first I've seen with such a setup sense our first Apple II.

Reminds me of the little boxes with squirlly letters & numbers to see if they can detect a drunken driver. LOL

Anyway, we have abt 8-10 days left.

Marvin Hlavac
Gben, it has been such a long time since I activated my copy of GPS Gate, so I no longer remember the procedure (but I don't recall having an issue with it). Why don't you post a quick question to their forum. I'm sure you will get a reply soon enough.
Thnx Marvin,

My Bad Beany!

Went to their forum, searched with License Key & got no less than 11 eleven pages. Man Johan got a Job you hear me?

But I found him saying to check your spelling if you type it in, namely ones & zeros. So went back to the key where it reads T0AB. Is that a zero O or an 0?

Typed it in as 0 zero & the ok box rewarded me.

So I go back to the Support soap box & rescend my crying towel.

Thnx Guys for it all,


Great site Marvin, Great Talent!
Glad you got it going. That is the advantage of copying and pasting. No need to worry about what it really says. You highlight the term you want to copy usually by dragging across it with the left mouse button depressed.Then with the cursor in the highlighted area, hold down CTRL and press C. Put your cursor in the box where you want it to appear and press CTRL and V.

Thnx Terry,

But Contrl C & V isn't working on this little Acer 10 netbook.

Thought maybe Foxfire but works fine on our big Toshiba Laptop.

First chance & I'll throw a line to Acer support to see what is what.

Also you Guys please send us no more COLD! NWS now advertising 33 degrees here for Tue night. The hidden eggs for Easter will be frozen solid & Grandkids will be peeved in deed lol.

Later Gben
Ken in Regina
Quit your whining, Gben. If it's going to be 33 degrees down there, imagine how cold it's going to be up here in the Great White North. The only place we can hide eggs around here is in snow banks.

From looking at a picture of the keyboard is is unclear to me where the Control key is. Since the left key with a large up arrow is Shift, I'll assume it is the large down arrow key just above it. I didn't read anything about it not working in a standard manner though.

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Yea Ken,

Couple weeks ago coming down thru N Ga found a blizzard & took abt 6 hrs to cover less than 50 miles with 4x4 pickup towing Honda crv.

It looked like something right out of Minnesota.

Terry, This Acer is an D150-1165 & has no arrow keys but 2 cntrl keys.

One is in the lower leftern most corner & other is third key right of space bar.

Haven't had the time to learn much abt it yet but doing a fine job with Nroute & Verizon usb data.

Using dim lite screen & no recalculate it ran Nroute over 6hrs Tues nite with 12% left=Just remarkable.

Thnx, Gben
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by Gbenz
Couple weeks ago coming down thru N Ga found a blizzard & took abt 6 hrs to cover less than 50 miles with 4x4 pickup towing Honda crv.
That was your first mistake. You shoulda been driving the CR-V. Mine would instantly disown me if I ever tried to tow it behind something.

Glad to hear you've got nroute working well. For the price it's hard to beat if you've already got Garmin maps.


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