Default map font size and map style in Streets & Trips
Using Streets and Trips 2009 - how can I change the default map font size and map style so I'm no longer required to manually change these options every time I create a new map?

Or, for that matter, how do I change any option to have a new default value?

TIA, Rob

Oops! Just found the following post that describes a method of setting default options:


However, it's strange there's no "direct" way of doing this in such a sophisticated program.
The problem is the same as your other one. The default icon for Streets & Trips (and MapPoint) opens a default template. Its easy to change though once you find where it is stored. Too bad you can't change the storage folder options there too (I don't think).

Yes, I used the method you described on that post and saved the new template with my new defaults - it appears to work fine! Thanks for your help.
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