New Zealand address searching problem in Garmin Mobile PC
Well, I finally got a full working copy of Garmin Mobile PC. Got my New Zealand maps loaded via Mapsource, no worries. Then went to search for an address... now I'm stuffed.

Stage 1, search for your "state". New Zealand is one whole country and has NO states, so map data has no "state" info.

Anyone got any ideas? Makes the whole thing a bit damn useless if I can't search for an address. I may well be missing something obvious, but I've had a good look thru the options. Currently still using nRoute.
Ken in Regina
Will it accept "all" in the state field?

...ken... (grasping at straws .. don't want to say you're stuffed without a bit of a fight, eh?)
Any, all don't work, and * crashed the program once.
Ken in Cape Breton
Can you view the maps? Do they display correctly?
Yeah, maps are OK, says you are here...

Can find closest food and gas stations, just can't search for an address.
Are you using the NZ Open GPS maps or the Garmin ones.
I'm guessing you are using the Open GPS one to get this error. The instructions to fix this are here http://gwprojects.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=700.

There are are couple of versions of the maps compiled using different versions of the compiler. If you have a different map version you must uninstall that map before installing the new version otherwise you will get the State error.

Ahh good spotting. I'll try that.
All good, thanks, got it running and it works a treat in GMPC. Now I've had a good play with GMPC, I'm staying with nRoute.
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