Best method to upgrade and maintain the data of Microsoft Streets and Trips

I have been using Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 over the last year or so and just purchased ver. 2009. I would like to transfer the GPS data I have accumulated via ver 2008 to the new version if possible and have a few questions as to the best method to do the upgrade and maintain the data.

If I do not uninstall ver. 2008 prior to installation, can 2009 import the data? Is there any conflict by attempting to install a 2nd version prior to uninstalling after the data is imported?

Appreciate any information which will get me upgraded with the fewest problems!!!

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Jamie,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

You may have several versions of Microsoft Streets and Trips installed on your laptop computer at the same time. I like to keep my existing version when installing a new version. That way I'm able to compare the new software to the old software, the new maps to the old maps, etc. After you are certain that you just want to keep the new, you may uninstall the old.

Make a backup copy of all you old saved Streets & Trips files. When you open in a new version a Streets & Trips file saved in an older version, you will be prompted to let the program perform a conversion to new version format. When you click OK, and when you subsequently save the file in the new S&T version, there will no longer be a way to open the file in the old version of the program. That is the reason for the back up.
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