Acer Aspire tether to iPhone
Has anyone done this tethering? I have looked at a few web sites and it looks complicated.
I want to use this laptop for truck driving directions and GPS.

Why not just buy a separate USB GPS and keep the iPhone for whatever iPhones do. USB GPS receivers are quite inexpensive or you can purchase them included with a navigation program. For example Streets & Trips 2009, Garmin Mobile PC and Street Atlas 2009 each can be found in packages including there own GPS receiver.

Marvin Hlavac

US $30 or $40 will get you a very good USB GPS receiver. Search for BU-353, which is a popular unit, but there are many others, or as Terry mentioned, you may just buy a software/hardware package that includes not just the GPS mapping program, but also a laptop GPS receiver.

Here we have a list of mapping programs for laptop computers.

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