Greeting to the community!
This is my first time on any forum... so be gentle!

I have been reading several threads on the ACER Aspire One... and I just need a bit more info.

As I understand it the built in 3G AT&T cellular really doesn't get me a GPS receiver just connection to the I-net.

So is fair to say that the simplest route is to buy a Garmin bundle with software and hardware. How would the receiver compare to lets say a high end handheld from Garmin

And if anyone encountered issues loading Garmin the software with an external DVD drive...

Thanks in advance for any info...
New guy here and I have been reading this forum for netbook mounting ideas and uses. I am a current user of Delorme Topo USA and their PN-40 handheld gpsr. Topo usa is a very good gps package that gives you the ability to use aerial imagery and 3dtq imagery as well as their standard base data. I consider it a very good package that is also capable of routing on a laptop when the handheld is attached. This gives you both handheld and laptop functionality. Delorme is probably going to release Topo USA version 8 in the next month or so and I understand it will include voice turn instructions, something that will be new to it. If you are interested in only street navigation, they have a sale on now on Street Atlas 2009 with a small receiver that will give you the ability to use the laptop as gps as well. I have not used Street Atlas 2009 but will probably be getting it or The 2010 release when it comes out. I have no prior use of any other software or gpsr so I cannot fairly give opinions as to comparisons, only that I have been very pleased with their products. You can visit their forums and learn all about the options. There are people there using both Topo and Street Atlas on the Aspire Ones. Mine comes in next week and I cannot wait to start using it.
Marvin Hlavac
teril1 and Jumes, welcome to Laptop GPS World.

Garmin Mobile PC, DeLorme Street Atlas, DeLorme Topo, they are all excellent programs in their category. There are several other netbook GPS software programs that can be used on Asprire One, or other mini-laptops. If you are already decided on Garmin Mobile PC, or any other software, then yes, I'd say that the simplest thing is to just buy a bundle that includes even a laptop GPS receiver. That way you don't have to worry about compatibility issues.
Ken in Regina
The receivers bundled with Mobile PC compare very well with their high end handhelds. I have an eTrex Legend HCx handheld and I also have the GPS10x Bluetooth receiver that is bundled with one version of Mobile PC. Their reception performance is nearly identical. Both will give me a 3D position lock in my basement where there is no direct view of the sky.

Thanks for all the advice... I bought the Acer for my job... and now I am thinking this little bugger would be easy to use for lots of fun stuff...

I think the added value of a GPS will be a really cool addition to my mobile fun... I hadn't thought of "topo" but this little package with a topo package could be lots of fun to take along fishing and hunting.

I guess my first forum posting couldn't have been a better experience...:clap:

Thanks for the welcome. I have been scouring the forums for days now. New AAO arrives Monday and it is nice to know as much as possible before hand. Finding lots of good info. Even ordered a Ram mount setup thanks to the good info I found here. Thanks again.
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