Dell Latitude XT2 with multi-touch screen for GPS Sat Nav
First time on here. I am considering a Dell Latitude XT2 for a Nav system in my truck. I would appreciate any input regarding this unit or its earlier version (XT). - any significant pros or cons to report? Is there a gps program or that would best take advantage of the duo touch screen? Are there clear preferances in recievers for this type of setup? Thanks in advance.
Looks like a great unit if a little pricey. They offer a daylight viewable model as well. No navigation software I know of currently takes advantage of the multitouch screen feature (probably designed for Windows 7). With a 1280x800 touch screen, it would work fine with any navigation software discussed here. I like the touch screen friendly features of Garmin Mobile PC and iNav iGuidance, however Microsoft Streets & Trips would be fine. It appears to have Bluetooth built in so a Bluetooth GPS receiver would be great.

Marvin Hlavac
jimphall, welcome to Laptop GPS World. That's a nice machine! How much extra is the the version with the daylight viewable screen?

Just like Terry said, I think any GPS software for laptop will do just fine.

This seems to be the first laptop to support multitouch, so lets hope more screens will soon support it, and PC GPS software developers will add some support for it in their existing products. I think it would be neat to be able to change zoom level with two fingers.
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