Streets and Trips to Excel!
While continuing my search for a way to extract all 1412 pushpins from my map into Excel, I decided to try POI Converter (in the tips & tricks thread elsewhere in the forum)

It DOES include an Excel export option - I tried it and am happy to report it exported the most essential of the data I needed - each row contains lat, long, the data I keyed in for each pushpin, and a few other items. I do lose two bits of data - the name of the data set each pushpin came out of (no big deal as I needed to shuffle them around anyway) and the pushpin type (which I plan to define in the data set properties anyway).

Now, all I need to do is 'rtfm' about what data is needed for a proper import from Excel into S&T then I can "massage" the data prior to re-import.

Marvin Hlavac
Did you try it with Streets & Trips 2009?

POI Converter has been also listed in:


However, some people mentioned they didn't have much success with some of these tools and the latest 2009 version of Streets and Trips.
I only have S&T 2008 - and based on what I have read here, I'm staying with it.

The reference to POI Converter didn't mention Excel specifically so that's why I missed it the first time around.

Almost done massaging the data already (120 records left)
Marvin Hlavac
That sounds like you have found just what you were looking for. Very likely it is just a matter of time till he will support newer version(s) of Streets & Trips, which of course is not inconveniencing you at the moment at all.
Also you can download Mappoint trial - convert your S&T 09 to Mappoint 09 and export that way. I have other questions, as I just found this site - but I need to snoop a bit more before I ask yet.

Only thing is unless you buy a Mappoint mod - you cannot get all your GPS locations exported.
Saw this post and downloaded the POI Converter. I need to export a list of addresses from my Streets and Trips Route to Excel for printing. If possible, can someone guide me through the process?

I currently export a GPX file to my Garmin. But, need to redundantly print my entire route just to get the addresses and notes.

I don't know anything about the POI Converter but I don't think you need it.

If you open the GPX file in Excel, you should be able to find the list somewhere on the spreadsheet. Obviously, GPX is not a default format for Excel, so you have to bully Excel into opening it for you but it will eventually. To do this, you must select "All files" rather than the default kinds that Excel likes, then reaffirm that yes, indeed, you do want to open it (no harm will be done), and then select "Open as a read-only workbook) and everything in the GPX file will be readable for you. You can then do anything you would normally do to a spreadsheet. If you want to save the file, you must change the file type, because Excel will not save as a GPX file.
You can drag and drop the file directly on an open Excel Workbook page. Choose 'as a read only workbook' from the list as SF says. I have included a screen shot from Excel 2003 but assume other versions are similar.

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