There's a new Kid in town...Mapsource 6.15.6
Hi everybody...

Software tester wanted...jijijijiiii
Hope its better than 6.13.7....!!!!

Best wishes
Juan Carlos

Change History

Changes made from version 6.15.4 to 6.15.6:
  • Fixed an issue with the file save dialog when the file extension field is hidden.
  • Fixed an issue where MapSource would crash if the route avoidance dialog would be displayed twice.
  • Fixed waypoint category filter issue. Now only waypoints of the selected category will be displayed.
  • Fixed waypoint prefixes.
  • Fixed an issue where MapSource would crash with certain address searches.
  • Fixed memory leaks in the waypoint dialog and map rendering.
  • Fixed an issue with saving gpx files when the file path contains Asian characters.
  • Fixed some hotkey issues.
  • Fixed an issue with searching for certain POIs.
  • Fixed an issue with how unlock codes were stored that caused incompatibilities with applications like Training Center.
  • Support Web Link Extensions in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Changed waypoint image size to follow the user selected symbol size.

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