Using Garmin gpsmap 76c and laptop
I have a Garmin gpsmap 76c. How can I use my netbook laptop as the viewing screen. Can it act as a receiver for other software? I would like to use updated voice software and use the laptop as a viewing screen. Is this possible. I presently use Mapquest North America. If I can use other software what do you recommend?
Ken in Cape Breton
The simplest thing would be to just buy Garmin Mobile® PC with GPS 10x, North America ($129.99 at GPS Central) or Garmin Mobile® PC with GPS 20x, North America ($85.99 at GPS Central).

You can't just get your GPSMap 76C 's display onto your netbook screen but you can use your GPSMap 76C with Garmin's nRoute and Garmin maps on your netbook laptop for navigation. There are a few things you'll need first:

Did your Map 76C come with a serial cable? I'm almost certain a GPSMap 76C won't transfer position data through a USB cable. My MAP 76CSi won't but works fine with the serial cable.

Does your netbook laptop have a serial port? (Very unlikely) Or do you have a USB to serial adapter?

Do you have any Garmin's MapSource and any Garmin maps on CD or DVD that are installed and unlocked on your netbook laptop? These aren't free.

Do you have a copy of Garmin's nRoute? If not, it's free and there is a link to a still functioning download in this thread:
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