Do some laptop PC computers have built-in GPS receivers?
I am new to GPS. I want to know is there any PC or laptop you can buy that works as GPS without buying any GPS machine. In other words, built-in GPS receiver in a PC or laptop.

Please let me know.
The fully rugged Panasonic Toughbooks (CF-19, CF-30) have GPS available as an option, but you will pay big bucks for those ($3-4k+). There are also a couple of the newer netbooks that have been announced with GPS included, but I'm not as familiar with those.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Fareed53, and welcome to Laptop GPS World. As Nine said, you may pay an unreasonable premium to buy a laptop with a built-in GPS receiver/antenna today (2009). Hopefully this will change soon, but for the time being only expensive models include such functionality. Very recently a handful of GPS-enabled netbook models were announced, and also some small UMPCs with integrated GPS receivers.

A GPS functionality can be added for only about $50 to any laptop PC by buying either a USB GPS receiver or a Bluetooth GPS receiver.
Not to mention that a remote (wired or bluetooth) receiver can be put in a better location for improved signal reception.
Marvin Hlavac
That is a very good point. An external GPS receiver/antenna will likely perform at least slightly better than one that is built into a laptop or an UMPC, or any other device.

If you happen to buy a laptop with an integrated GPS receiver/antenna, and if you are not happy with the its performance, you may easily just use an external USB or Bluetooth GPS unit (~ $50).
Mandolin Guy
The Viliv is almost a PC. It uses XP and has WiFi, Bluetooth & GPS. This isn't a recommendation. It's strictly FYI.

Marvin Hlavac
... and Viliv is priced right, too. More info: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/1839-viliv-s5-pocket-sized-windows-xp-pc-gps
I want to add that the Fujitsu U820 also has a GPS built in, and it even comes with Garmin MobilePC installed.
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