Need sugestions on route map delivery
Hello there, everyone! I'm a new member and just found this great forum. I need to know if someone can help me with some suggestions or ideas.

I just recently started a delivery route in a Florida urban city. My deliveries just required a quick drop-off, kind of mail delivery.(no need to see customers). The thing is that every day is a different customer at different places. My route is in "crescendo" I'm planning to hire 2 or 3 more drivers and the total deliveries at day will grow between 150 and more. I'm using Streets and Maps software. I just need another software or such, were I only would need to type all the delivery addresses info and get a route and shortcuts.

If anybody have some idea or any suggestion please let me know. I will appreciate.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi rodmora,

Since you are already using Microsoft Streets and Trips, why not use it for all that you need to do? Is there a task the program is unable to do for you?
Thanks Marvin.
Yes i'm using an old version of Microsoft S&T. But just using the maps for manually planing a route of 15 deliveries. I need to get something more efficient. Right now my route is 15 deliveries a day, but I can increase it to 150 a day if I have a way to imput all the info and have the system plan the route for me in the best way, so I can print the information or pass it to my drivers. Right now I'm downloading a trial version of Microsoft MapPoint. to see if that have what i'm looking for.
"Optimize stops" functionality is already in Streets & Trips. About