Can I export Streets and Trips routes to dash GPS?
I currently do delivering with over 40 stops per day. I am given a Streets and Trips optimized route, but I have to manually input the addresses into my portable tom tom GPS unit. Is there any way to export the route to ANY non usb based GPS? I will destroy my laptop if I have to use the usb GPS. I spend an hour each morning typing in addresses, and I like to sleep!!! HELP!
Ken in Regina
Does your TomTom accept .GPX files? Can you get those files onto the TomTom so it can use them, eg. via SD card or USB connection.

If so, you should be able to find something that will convert an S&T file to a .GPX file for the TomTom.

There are lots of programs and web sites that will do a variety of file conversions. You just need to find out if your TomTom will accept some sort of file with routing information in it, what format that file is, and then find something that will convert to that format from S&T's file. It might take two conversions, depending on the file formats that are supported by the various conversion programs.

I might be able to figure out a way to do it for some models of the Garmin Nuvi but I don't know anything about the TomTom.

Marvin Hlavac
...alternatively, since your company already works with Microsoft Streets and Trips anyway, why not go along with the system, why not simply use the file they give you and navigate with Streets & Trips? After a while of getting used to the program, you may actually find it more appropriate for the type of work you do. You may one day decide you never want to see that little personal navigation device ever again. ;-)
Ken in Regina
Joe, one other thought. You mentioned something about wrecking your laptop by using it with a USB GPS receiver. You didn't elaborate so it's hard to know what else to recommend. But if the problem is that the cord for the USB GPS receiver creates a problem for where you can place your laptop, you can use a Bluetooth GPS receiver.

I have two Bluetooth GPS receivers and they both work fine with Streets&Trips on my laptop. My laptop doesn't have Bluetooth hardware on it so I had to buy a cheap USB Bluetooth dongle for the laptop so the GPS receiver can talk to the laptop. The Bluetooth driver that came with the dongle creates a COM port for the incoming GPS signal. Streets&Trips just connects to that virtual COM port and works fine. You can get Bluetooth dongles for the laptop that are really tiny .. they hardly stick out at all and can just be left on the laptop all the time if you want.

Since the Bluetooth receiver is wireless, you can place the receiver and laptop anywhere it makes sense.

I don't know if any of that helps. I'm just guessing from your comment about a USB GPS being a problem.

Originally Posted by Ken in Regina
Does your TomTom accept .GPX files? Can you get those files onto the TomTom so it can use them, eg. via SD card or USB connection.
Tomtom does not support GPX format. It is Tomtom own format calls OV2. Most of POI converter software can convert either way between GPX and OV2. However, OV2 does not contain route information, only POIs. So, the only thing can do is import POIs into Tomtom GPS, and route one by one, cause Tomtom does not support multi via points, maximum 1 via point.
TomTom's trip file is called an ITN. A GPX can be translated into a ITN with sofware (free or donation) called GPSbabelGUI (search the web). It does support a large number of stops. The ITN file is a text file. In it, you will see Longitude, Latitude, Name, and a digit, 0-4. You can use notepad to open the file, and find/replace to change all the zeros to the appropriate number.
0 is a waypoint
4 is a start point
2 is a destination/finish or stopover
This is what the file will look like after it is converted to an ITN
10471502|4459027|Devils Tower National Monument|0
-10382907|4372941|Jewel Cave National Monument|0

Assuming you don't have a starting point, you will not need to change any entries to a 4. All your stops should be 2's (instead of zeros). The dividing line between fields is the shift of the backslash key. It is sorta like a colon, but the two dots are vertical lines, often referred to as a pipe. Look for it on your keyboard. I think you can have as many as 59 "stops" or waypoints in your file. TomTom navigates TO stops and THROUGH waypoints. It will give status -- distance to, arrival time, etc. to the next STOP, and change to the next one as you get to the former one. Sometimes it doesn't, and you have to go to the Itinerary file, and set your next stop as the one you want to go to. Depends on how close the point on the map is to where your GPS is as you arrive. Not all TomToms are created equal, I use a TomTom 300, actually several, so I can't speak for other models. I think the TomTom One will not do Itineraries at all, check the manual. After you reach your Stops, the GPS changes the last digit to a 3 or a 1, meaning it has been visited. But you don't need to do anyting. There is a ITN directory on the TomTom GPS that you can see if you attach a cable to it, or put the SD card into the appropriate slot on you computer. That is where you copy your ITN file. It would probably be easier to name all your ITN files the same, and start them with the letter A so they float to the top of the list, when you try to "load" it from the TomTom menu. I assume you don't need yesterdays file today or in the future.
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