Programming Bike Route Into Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009
I am volunteering on a 150 mile bike ride and would like to program the route into S&T 2009. How do I go about programming the route into S&T 2009? Also, the route will have several rest stops....do I use pushpins to mark each rest stop? Finally, the route is circular and I will need the ability to go from one stop to another without necessarily following the route (for example travelling from rest stop 3 to rest stop 6 without going to rest stops 4 and 5)....how do I do this using S&T 2009?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Adds pushpins at each stops you want.

When you are ready to travel, select the pushpins you added and right click the item and there is a menu to add the push pin to the route. Select all the needed for your route and you are ready to drive...
OK. Thanks for the info on the pushpins. I think I figured out how to input the route into S&T 2009.
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