Which USB GPS receiver/antenna is compatible with Streets and Trips 2009?
Greetings to all,
I am totally new to GPS and related hardware.
I have used Microsoft Streets and Trips 2003 to plan trips and I am familiar with it.
Now, I hear that Microsoft is offering a free download of the 2009 version.
That's great because I am planning a short trip next week.
So, here is my question. What kind of USB antenna is compatible with the software?
I have one of those small notebook computers...an Asus. The software should work fine but, I will need the signal-grabber-thingy to fit into one of the USB ports.
And, could I use the antenna with any software?
Thanks for your help.
You all sound so up-to-date with this stuff.
Any gps receiver that is NMEA compatible (and that can be set at 4800 Bauds) should work with S&T 2009.

If you have a usb receiver, look for a serial emulation driver for it (so the usb receiver can be seen as an emulated serial COM port at 4800Bauds)...
Marvin Hlavac
John, welcome to the forums. If you have a particular laptop GPS receiver in mind, let us know, and we'll try to give you our feedback on it,
Thank you for your quick help.
I am considering the Gosget U-358 SiRF lll USB GPS Receiver and the Royaltek RGM-3600 SiRF lll USB GPS Receiver. No particular reason for the choice except that the Royaltek claims "low power consumption."
I found these at Semsons.

Thank you again for your kind assistance.
I have a N24 47.095 E121 00.516 GT- 3731 I was told this would work but am a real newbie re:laptop gps. What software (free or low cost) would work with this ups gps receiver?
Marvin Hlavac
Smarty64 - both of the USB GPS receivers, Gosget U-358 and also Royaltek RGM-3600, will work just fine with Microsoft Streets & Trips (and other software discussed here), since they both support NMEA 0183 data protocol and Baud rate 4800.

Snosrapper - welcome to the forums. I'm not familiar with GT-3731, but an online reference reads the following: "This GPS receiver is only compatible with the included software".
thanks Smarty64. I have so much to learn and so little time. <g>
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