Problem with GPSProxyPC

I have a problem and I would be very grateful if someone could help me in this regard.
I use the Notebook MSI Wind u100, BlueChart Atlantic Nroute + 9.5, GPSProxyPC, BT-359S.
I used the instructions http://www.malsingmaps.com/wiki/index.p ... S_receiver
If I turn on GPSproxyPC it can not find any satellites (The fields are empty)
Nroute at the same time, says "Searching for Satellites" and than it says "Connection Broken".
I do not understand where is the problem.

Thank you for helping
Ken in Regina
GPSProxyPC is supposed to convert the incoming NMEA data sentences to the Garmin protocol and feed it to nRoute. If GPSProxyPC isn't seeing anything, the problem is with GPSProxyPC or the Bluetooth driver or both.

For a sanity check, download the trial version of GPSGate Express and try it to see if it works. If so, that will be a pretty good indication that the Bluetooth driver is installed and working correctly.

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