Wish List for DeLorme Street Atlas 2010
I like Street Atlas and I would like to see it improved.

We all seem to have problems with SA2009. What would you like to see changed in the next version of Street Atlas 2010?

For starters I would like to see more accurate maps and updated native POIs. Probably everyone wants this.

I use the map view and while the Center GPS is good, I would like to see it improved so instead of centering the GPS, it moves the GPS pointer close to the side of the screen showing more of the route ahead of me and only a little of the route I have passed. I know where I've been, I want to see where I'm going.
If I were czar of the gps program universe I would eliminate all points of interest, not one-nada-zip-zero would be allowed. Who cares where the nearest Chinese take away is, ditto food stores and every other retail establishment.
I still wonder what a business pays to have their location on the program.

Hard drive space is a terrible thing to waste.
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by kft
Hard drive space is a terrible thing to waste.
Boy, you must be really really old!! I, too, remember when hard drive space was dear and something to be handled with great care. That was way back in the Jurassic period of computers when I started playing with my first PC in '77. That was back when a normal guy couldn't even afford a 5MB hard drive. We did everything on floppies. And walked five miles to school in snowstorms. Uphill both ways. (Can I get an Amen! from the rest of the geezers in the crowd?)

These days it's not such a problem. It's so cheap and easy to add more that it's not something I think about much.

If hard drive space is genuinely an issue for you, you can handle all of North America, complete with all the POIs they can stuff on the DVD, on a cheap flash memory card. If the maps won't run from flash memory, stick something else onto it of equivalent space to make room on the hard drive. Instead of chewing up space for tunes on my laptop hard drive I just stuff a bunch onto a cheap SD card to plug in any time I want to listen.

Bring on the POIs ... the more the merrier!

All you young wippersnappers need to have your pc's taken away and be forced to use a Commordore V-20, that would teach you to value your memory; why I remember back in '71.......................

Mandolin Guy
From KFT

All you young wippersnappers need to have your pc's taken away and be forced to use a Commordore V-20, that would teach you to value your memory; why I remember back in '71.......................
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I heard it from my dad. He had to walk to school. It was a mile and a half and uphill...both ways.

But, you're right. A lot of the youngsters don't remember the old cassette tapes that were used, or the 5 1/4 floppies or, for that matter, the 3 1/2 floppies. Many years ago, I remember going to Sam's to get a 240 mb hard drive. It was on sale for, I think, around $320 +/-. Everywhere else they were close to $600. Now, for that $320, I can get the whole computer and it doesn't have a hard drive because it doesn't need it.

However, lest we harken back to the good old days of floppies, DOS, etc., and yearn for those things, well, thanks but no thanks.
In a way the only good thing about the good ole days is that they are gone, then again right was right and wrong was wrong back then...

Hey, in grad school I paid over $300 usd for one of the first handheld calculators that cannot do as much as those selling for around $30 today, one prof had a memo on the 'board' (anyone else remember the funny big dark panels at the front of the room?, with monochrome writing??) that said, 'slide rules only please'

How long ago?, MS cost me 3 large, transits had to be leveled by hand-gp what? :rofl"
Mandolin Guy
kft, let's face it. We're old.

But that's OK, when I retired, I bought a motorhome and now I travel around and enjoy life and the grandkids.
I'm a truck driver, and I have DeLorme Street Atlas 2008 and 2009, but I would like to see truck routing in version 2010. That would be a plus.
Hey I am not that Old & I had a TRaSh 80 with a regular style cassette tape for data storage. Then my first real computer with 5 1/4" floppies with a whopping huge 360 K memory! And my goodness I had a tremendous 20megs of hard drive space. I remember that was enormous!
Marvin Hlavac
Hi medic,

:welcome: to Laptop GPS World.

What is a 5 1/4" floppy?

By the way, http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2339-delorme-street-atlas-2010-available-pre-order, but there is no list of new features/improvements published yet.
Mandolin Guy
Marvin, I've seen 10" floppies. I think they were around about the same time as the punch cards.
Can anyone else remember when they got their first color tv?, or their first 'video game'??

Wonder if my -Pong- set up is worth anything?????

You are a certified old fart if these have memories for you:

Courier 23
Vac tubes

How about getting a new VW for well under two grand and filling it up for less than two bucks..........

At the local Porche dealer a '68 911T was just about 6 large.....

Then came #52 in my least favorite Uncles lottery...........
Not sure about the first 3 but I have a box of Heathkit manuals for radio control, stereos, speakers and test equipment. My bedside clock is a Heath I built in the 70s.

I have a Philips tube radio but it is 110v. I blew up the battery one when I tried to use a common power supply to replace both the A and B batteries.

I've got the platter from an old server sitting in my basement. The platter itself is a gold-colored disc about 16" across and 1/4" thick. It weighs about 2 pounds.

I remember when I was trying to get that machine to run. You had to turn the power on to the hard drives at least 5 minutes before the computer so it had enough time to spin it up to speed. The motor on it was about 4" across and 6" long. When you turned the power on, it dimmed the lights in the house for about 30 seconds until it started to build speed.

My 1st computer was a Radio Shack Color Computer with a whole 4k of ram. It also used the cassette player for storage and hooked to the tv.
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