Trucker map software reviewed and requested.
Martin Andersson
I've been looking desperately for a software that has trucker-enhanced maps over Europe. As I see it, PC Navigator 9 is the only choice. But I've tried the ordinary release and it sucks bigtime. I just hate it that I can't put the application in a windowed mode and so forth. The application seems to be just terribly poorly coded. Anyways.. since ALK Copilot only have maps for the states, is PC Navigator my only choice!?
Marvin Hlavac
From what I read Microsoft AutoRoute used to be popular among truckers in Europe, even though the software itself is not designed to generate truck-specific routing. AutoRoute is en excellent trip planner that let's users easily modify the plotted route. However, as of today Microsoft Autoroute 2007 is the freshest version (a bit outdated map data). You could consider buying the much more expensive Microsoft MapPoint 2009 Europe.
For EU based trucking solutions, do a google search for 'navteq transport'. It's specific to trucks. Maptuit is one company that I know for sure that has use of it.
Martin Andersson
Seems as that Navteq Transport thing is sold only to businesses? However, I'm more like a torrent guy looking for the free stuff so I guess I'll have to stick to garmin. I could buy a truck version for sure, but not without testing a trial version first. I mailed mapfactor and asked for a trial but hasn't recieved an answer yet. About