Need GPS for Asus Eee PC for Canada, Central and South America
Well I'm new to the GPS laptop world and don't even know that much about computers and GPS to begin with. I've read the reviews of the GPS software but I still don't really know what I want or need. I have never had GPS before and don't have anything to base my preferance off of. What I do know is that I want a netbook set up in my truck for the GPS and I think I want the ASUS Eee PC 1000HE (seems like a good one for the money). I also know I want the GPS to have maps available for Canada, Central, and South America. If I could also get topo maps for it that would be a huge bonus. Now I thought you wanted the antenna on the roof of the vehicle somewhere but it seems most of these companies are providing antennas with cords that are only about 5 feet long. So, is it ok to just put on your dash? In the end, I just need a couple of suggestions or maybe just one (that would make it easier). I want it to be user friendly (they all seem to say they are), and be able to find the address I enter in (seems some of them can't find there own a$$). Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I've used MS Streets & Trips (USA coverage) on my Eee PC 901 in the field with no issues; GPS receiver (sitting on the dashboard) connects well with the netbook through built-in bluetooth. I'd recommend a netbook with a solid state drives for heavy road use due to dust and vibration.
Unfortunately, Streets & Trips does not offer map data for anywhere but North America right now. Microsoft also does not provide any topo maps for their navigation products.

You should look at Garmin or Delorme's products if you want topo data. Garmin is probably best for coverage for other countries (e.g. South America) also. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as purchasing software such as Garmin Mobile PC. You can add topo features to it by buying the appropriate maps but adding other countries means putting some effort into working with MapSource and researching other sites for maps.

If you are unfamiliar with GPS, start with something closer to home until you are comfortable with the technology and products. Then you can move into other areas that interest you. Garmin Mobile PC with the included GPS20x (or Bluetooth 10x) would be a good all around starting point as it can provide for expansion when you are ready.

Marvin Hlavac
tlukasavige172 and orca, :welcome: both to Laptop GPS World.

My first thought was also Garmin Mobile PC, but Streets & Trips by Microsoft may also be a quick solution at least for USA, Canada, and even Mexico. The new 2009 version now has what appears to be very decent map coverage of Mexico (but no topographical maps, just road map data, as Terry mentioned).
Thanks a lot for the info. I like the idea of being able to add other maps and options at a later date. It sounds like I will have to try out the Garmin and see whats it's all about.
Just remember. Garmin Mobile PC comes in 2 versions. The software only version works with virtually any GPS but you can not add other locked Garmin maps. You can add nonlocked maps though such as Canada Topo v4 and the unlocked Garmin US Topo maps.

The version that comes with a GPS (USB 20x or Bluetooth 10x) can accept any Garmin maps as they can be unlocked to the included GPS. It only works with the included GPS though.

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