Accurate route timeline in Microsoft Streets and Trips
I am trying to plug in 15 store visits per day in southern California area. The route will give me a "trip duration of four hours" when the route actually takes 8 when factoring 20min stops at each store and LA traffic.

Things I am trying to do:

-factor in visit time at each stop (doing this manually is time consuming)

-I know there isn't traffic included, but is there a way to make drivetime more accurate for areas where traffic is difficult?
Marvin Hlavac
Jesse, :welcome: to Laptop GPS World.

On a few occasions I do remember reading people asking for a feature that would allow them to automatically add a predefined time period to each stop. I can see how such feature could be very useful to businesses. Perhaps you could repost to the wish list: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/wish-list
Mandolin Guy
I think S&T and most of the others are designed primarily for relatlively simple route planning, i.e., going from home to Grandma's house with maybe a stop at the antique shop and the outlet mall. (I know they do lots of other things but not very well and not always very easily.) People like JesseJames have a genuine need for certain features but his needs are different from mine and mine are different from John Doe's and John Doe's are different from....... There are so many different possibilities that it probably ain't gonna happen.
Is there an alternative that would work better? I went from trying to plan routes in Google maps to S&T. would there be any advantages of upgrading to MapPoint?
Marvin Hlavac
Jesse, MapPoint is programmable, unlike Streets & Trips. There are various add-ons for Mappoint, so there may already be an application that can help you add a predetermined number of minutes to each stop, or someone may write it for you.

You may try to visit MapPoint Forums and ask people there.
I know in S&T 2007 you rt click your stop and one of the choices is scheduled stop
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