Problem with populating "information" for multiple pushpins simultaneously
I used a prior version of Microsoft Streets and Trips and I could populate all pushpins with information balloons at once. It appears that is still supposed to be an option in 2009 but the "Show Information" option under the "View" tab is greyed out. Driving me crazy. I have looked for hours, literally, to find an answer. The way I used to do it was right-click and use the curser to select all, then hit "show information" and it would show info balloons for all pushpins.

I am using a trial version but according to MS it is fully functional. I have already purchased the application but if I can't use this function I don't want to load the purchased copy.


Thank you.
Marvin Hlavac
Hello ou812jb11,

The "Show Information" option under the "View" tab is greyed out because no pushpin has been selected. I don't know how to select multiple pushpins in Streets & Trips 2009. Is this a feature that has disappeared in this version? I have no earlier version installed on the laptop I'm writing this on.
Yes. As I recall I was able to select a group of pushpins by right-clicking and dragging my mouse over several and then hitting "show information". Thanks a bunch Marvin for your feedback. You do us all a big service.
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