Looking for UMPC GPS software sugestions to a unique situation
This is my first post on LGPSW but I've been lurking here (and on other sites) for nearly a year. I can't seem to tie it all together for the solution I seek.
So, the big question up front and supporting information to follow.

What software solution would I use to accomplish-
- usable on a Windows XP OS based touchscreen PC (Viliv S5)
- will have map data for North America, Japan, South Asia, and SE Asia?
- doesn't require hours of figuring out how to "create/make it work" that map data
- I don't want to use bootleg, torrent, etc copies. I want licensed versions

Some Background: I bought a WM device (HTC Advantage) to really replace all the different devices I carry around the world but recently purchased the Viliv S5. I live in Japan, travel frequently throughout Asia but occasionally return to the USA.
I'd say I'm on the lower scale of being a techno geeek but for some reason this GPS/map stuff boggles me. Plus, time is my most precious commodity and I find the intriaicies of the GPS world facinating but not captivating. I really need an allmost complete solution. That said, I don't mind paying (a reasonable) price for someone else's efforts (off topic but shareware coders ROCK!)

Rereading my post I guess I'm looking for:
primary - vehicle/road navigation
bennie - foot/off beaten path navi
bennie - POIs, etc

Thanks for your time,
Marvin Hlavac
Hi technician808,

I was going to suggest to you looking into GMPC, but I see that you have already posted to our Garmin Mobile PC forum, and you already are on the right path.
You could always try OziExplorer, Has Windows and CE versions, not to expensive, and will work with most kinds of maps after calibration.
Agreed that Garmin is probably the right solution for someone looking to trade money for time. Pretty complete product line: They have Mobile PC for driving, Topo for off-road, Mobile for smartphones and pedestrian.

I would not characterize OziExplorer as "an [almost] complete solution" for someone whose "time is [the] most precious commodity." The OP appeared to be dismayed at how complicated GPS seemed to be, an impression gleaned from lurking on forums. If I understand correctly, anything that requires you to buy maps separately from the software, and then load it yourself, takes a distinct back seat to a preinstalled commercial solution such as those that Garmin offers. About