Is commercial truck routing available in Microsoft Streets and Trips?
Hi, I drive a big truck, and am looking for GPS software with commercial truck routing, and Canada information. Is this available with Streets & Trips, and what other GPS software providers are there that might have these options?
I don't know what are you wish about that, but Street and Trips has no specific functions like not to route on some road where a truck cannot go for example...
I'm a truck driver too and the answer is NO. S&T is just a map based on GPS signal. If you know how to become friend with this software you will have an easy life. If not this software will drive your truck in deep troubles.
All you have to do is just to use your truck driver senses and not follow what it says 100%. The program was never thought for big trucks.
I'm using it since few years ago extensively and I managed to really good results.
You will also need another thing very important and that thing can be found at truckstopplus.com or something like that. Google it and you will find out.
With that feature I can bet my truck that I can beat any map or software designed for trucks. There is nothing next to it. I do have any thing that a truck driver needs.
The only "issue" is the S&T itself. Is still full of bugs and aspects that MUST to be solved. Will see 2010 version.
All the ALK products that brag are designed for trucks are just BS. Liar, liars, liars! Nothing true. The only true thing is your own judgement.
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I have been using Streets & Trips for trip planning, routing and navigation for 4 1/2 years now. I have created custom icons for the 4 major truck stops and each time I visit one I drop one and name it. I also have an icon for state truck scale houses so I know when I am coming up on one and to be prepared. I created another icon for the CAT scales so it is easy to get scaled after loading to be sure my axle weights are legal.

I retired in 2008, and have been long haul trucking for 4 1/2 years now. I have built a pretty good database of POI's in S&T for the lower 48 and Canada, that help me with trip planning, and it works many times better than anything that is on the market.

When I go to a shipper of consignee I have created an icon for that too, and include contact information, hours, etc. so I never have to guess.

As for using "truck" designed software or a truck specific GPS device, that is something that I do not need. I have eyes, and can discipline myself to stay alert and watch for the signage that warns of truck restricted routes and low clearances and weight restricted bridges.

This will never be my truck:

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