S&T Keys doesn't work with MapPoint
The company I work for supplies us with laptops with MapPoint 2006 installed and I tried to to the hot key thing but it doesn't seem to work with MapPoint, am I right in assuming MapPoint is different than Streets and Trips or am I just doing something wrong?

Just in case it matters I have a Panasonic CF-29 running XP Pro.

Thanks Johnny
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Johnny,

Welcome to the forum!

Yes, you are correct, S&T Keys will not work with MS MapPoint 2006. It only works with MS Streets & Trips.

Mappoint is programmable, and programmers could create much better application for Mappoint than what I created for S&T. Streets & Trips is not pragmatically controllable, and all that S&T Keys can do is to try to simulate what a user would do with a mouse and a keyboard. It's not the best solution, but it works. More users use Streets & Trips for GPS navigation than MapPoint. Streets & Trips costs only about 10% of what MapPoint costs. Another advantage is that Streets & Trips (map data and software features) is updated annually vs. Mappoint only about once per two years.
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