Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 & Qualcomm's Gobi technology
I am currently using Streets & Trips 2009 with the GPS receiver bundled along the software. I recently purchased an HP Pavilion DV4 laptop which has the Qualcomm's Gobi technology. In reading about the technology Qualcomm references S&T listing it as one of the software packages and location based services. I might be incorrect in my thinking that LBS and GPS arae one in the same to an extent.

My question is can this technology be used as an internal GPS device? S&T does not recognize it as such and I am still using my external USB device.

Any thoughts?
Open Device Manager and check if you have a serial port labeled "Qualcomm HS-USB NMEA." That is the COM port that you should use in S&T.

See p. 14 of Motion J3400 user manual for a screenshot: http://www.motioncomputing.com/resources/J3400/MotionCMUserGuide.pdf Motion Computing makes a Tablet PC that has the same Gobi WWAN/GPS card that's in your HP.

If you do not see it, then you do not have access to GPS from the Gobi card. You should call up HP tech support and ask them why.

Location-Based Services are not the same as GPS. GPS tells you where you are. LBS are things that you can then do, having knowledge of that location. An example of an LBS would be finding out if people in your Contacts list are within a certain distance of you. This gives
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