Sound volume issues in Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009
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Been lurking for a while, trying to decide what software to use with my new netbook in the car for navigation. After reading until my eyes completely shut on me last night, I went out and purchased the Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 today with the GPS unit. One reason for doing this is me and the family have a big 2 week long trip coming up, which we leave for on Friday. I tested the Nav software and GPS on the way home today, a 45 minute commute, and I am liking everything so far except ONE thing.

The spoken directions while navigating are very low in volume compared to the music that is also playing on the laptop at the same time. I have the laptop plugged into my cars aux input so I can play iTunes and do the navigation at the same time. iTunes has to be turned incredibly low, almost inaudible, for me to hear the turn by turn directions while navigating. I have double checked that my volume on the laptop was at 100%, and my stereo volume was plenty high enough, almost twice what I would normally listen at to be able to hear the navigation directions.

I searched through the options in the navigation software and didn't find any settings. Anybody know of a way for me to increase the volume of the navigation directions by itself? Any help would be appreciated.


There is no specific volume for the spoken instructions. You may shut off the music from your laptop. One suggestion is to use a single ear headphone for the laptop. This way you can use your car radio for the music and having the navigation in your ear, you will catch it correctly.
I don't understand what the objection is to the existing workaround of increasing the master volume and reducing the iTunes volume. If the music is really that loud, then what else can you do?

Are you using the controls in iTunes to reduce volume, or the volume mixer in Windows Vista? The volume mixer has 1% gradations, so you might have more control that way.
Perhaps I didn't explain it well enough... I have the iTunes volume turned down to a whisper, and the Windows volume at 100% and am still barely able to hear the spoken instructions. It would seem to me that you should be able to make the spoken instructions louder. Obviously this would be a rediculous request if I had the iTunes volume maxed out and was listening to my music very loudly, but with iTunes at a whisper and Windows volume maxed out you would think you should be able to hear the spoken nav directions a little better... seems very weak...

Have you tryed S&T alone. I use my Asus 1000 HE audio out to the cars aux input and it is very loud from the car speakers. I guess you are running ITunes and S&T on the laptop and the volume levels can't be controled, haven't done that. I am looking using a small powered speaker for the laptop so the cars audio system can be used at the same time.

I just used S&T GPS for the first trip. I worked well. I too spent some time learning how it worked before the big trip. The mode I liked the most was to create and save a route then use the gps in map mode to show where I was on the blue route, not navigate. The where you have been trail was a nice feature as well.

Laptops often have weak speakers. But plugged into AUX, there should not be a problem. S&T instructions come out in a normal volume, not a whisper. Never had a problem hearing it, even in subcompact cars with poor sound insulation and lots of road noise.

This is why I asked if you were running Vista, and whether you had been using the volume mixer or were using iTune's built-in volume controls. There are multiple volumes. My suspicion would be that the line-out volume is too low.

Since the laptop is plugged into the AUX port, can the car stereo be turned up any higher? Or is it really so low that it's competing with analog noise? This is definitely not how the voice directions in Streets & Trips should behave.
netbook might be the key to your problem. At least with my Acer netbook, there is no really "hearable" volume in any program. These little, inexpensive computers have the cheapest, low volume speakers available.
Originally Posted by sailoredon
netbook might be the key to your problem. At least with my Acer netbook, there is no really "hearable" volume in any program. These little, inexpensive computers have the cheapest, low volume speakers available.
I agree. My Dell mini 9 is always set at the max.

A powered speaker, bluetooth headset or a ear bud is the solution I expect to be using, esp. when driving in my Toyota MR2 Spyder convertible on any serious trip.

I must say that the Garmin Mobile PC is better in hearing, of which I think much of it is the voice is clearer in announcement and much better in pronouncement.
Just going to weigh in a little late on this. What I do is turn the music down in the music player (instead of turning the navigation voice up) on the laptop so that the voice is a little louder, then I just adjust the car stereo to a comfortable level. Sounds like your trying this already, maybe try a different player.

I'm using WinAmp as my music player and have a wireless keyboard with media buttons so that I can adjust the music (pause, skip track, etc) without exiting full-screen Streets & Trips 2009. Is useful if I didn't understand a direction, I just pause the music and slap the space bar.
Evening all,

I have the exact same problem.
Only I am just using the S&Ts app. No other apps running.
OS volume is at max and I can barely here the lady giving instructions.
And thats with the radio off.

Gateway LT3100 series PC.
If I play music thru WMP I can here the music fine.
its just the directions in S&Ts that is extremely low.

Have not tried plugging into my cars aux. That might be a option.
But I find this near un-useable atm. Pity because the apps looks great otherwise.

Marvin Hlavac
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