My DeLorme LT-20 not working with Streets & Trips. What GPS should I buy?
Thanks for the welcome;

I have a USB GPS LT-20 made for Delorme. I never liked the DeLorme software, and do like MS Streets & Trips. Either the GPS device is in op or in- compatible with MS S & T. What is the best (least expensive) unit to buy which is compatible with MS S & T ?
The Delorme LT-20 can be made to work with S&T using a converter from Delorme.
DeLorme Serial Emulation Driver for Earthmate GPS Receivers
However, if you would like a cleaner solution, consider the GlobalSat BU-353 GPS.

Thanks Terry, this fixed it, Also I could only acquire 1 satellite from inside, so taking my laptop outside I waited 15 min & it acquired 5-6, & worked.

Thanks again.
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