NEW! RAM Mount Portable Seat-Mate Vehicle Laptop Mount

I was just looking at my favorite RAM MOUNT Supplier expressmounts.com and found that there is a new RAM MOUNT passenger seat mount. It is designed for quick applications with no tools like in a rental car.

The RAM-SM1 is the perfect rental car companion. Easily install and remove the Seat-Mate base for the passengers front seat for your ideal mobile office.

It looks easy to use. There are many users on the site that just place their expensive laptop on the seat and hope that it does not crash to the floor. This device looks to fix that problem.

Seat-mate @ Express Mounts

The prices look reasonable. There is no availability date listed. Maybe RAM_Mount_Expert can offer an inside scoop on this new product.

Marvin Hlavac
Thanks for posting the information, GreytWillow. The RAM Mount page you linked has an updated ETA: "Portable Seat-Mate Vehicle Mounting Base" ETA: 2009-08-04

That's only days from now (today = July 26, 2009). I'm looking forward to reading user feedback if/when people buy it.
WoW!!! Thats looks a really nice setup! The price seems a lil steep but hey you get what you pay for and it appears to be a nice setup! To any of the other guys/gals on here... do u think that would attach to a commercial air ride truck seat???
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