GPS Receiver for Laptop - Dell Inspiron 9300
I just registered after about 30 minutes of browsing your amazing forum. I have found some amazing help here and tremendous amounts of information that I look forward to exploring.

I need a GPS Receiver preferably a "Wired" or both "Bluetooth/Wired" (When I get a fancy new laptop with BT sticker on it ).

I live in Richmond, VA and I drive a 2005 Nissan Altima which is going to be carrying my 2005 Dell Inspiron 9300 17" laptop, with Windows XP Pro.

I have visited Semsons website and read that a lot of you have the i.Trek M7, but it's SOLD OUT. I'm assuming this is by far the best choice since most of you guys use this one. They have a ton of them, but I do not know which one to choose, the i.Trek M5+, the Qstarz BT-890?

I would also like to buy it locally if possible since I have no patience to wait and play with new electronic toys. Anyways, please if you can point me in the right direction in regards to an overall good to great GPS receiver that will function with Streets and Trips 2009, Delorme Street Atlas 2009, Garmin Mobile PC, basically one that works with them all!

Thank you all in advance and sorry for typing up a book. I look forward to reading your comments.
Nobody has any clue in regards what to get? Anyone please?
Marvin Hlavac
I personally like simple USB GPS receivers. I use GlobalSat USB BU-353. It works well with all programs you mentioned.
Ken in Regina
Marvin is right about the Globalsat BU-353 being a good "wired" receiver. If you are thinking about buying Streets&Trips anwyay, just go down to your favorite 'Lectronic Thingies store and pick up a copy bundled with the USB receiver. But make sure it's the Pharos 500 receiver, not the newer Navation receiver (looks like a big USB mouse dongle). The Pharos 500 receiver that has been sold with Streets&Trips up until very recently is a very good receiver and will work with the other software you listed.

If you want a receiver like the i.Trek M7, go look at its features on the manufacturer's web site. Do a Google search for GPS receivers with the features that are unique and see what you come up with for similar devices.

I have the BU-353 and the M7 and the Pharos 500 I got with Streest&Trips 2008 and there is no significant performance difference (using with Streets&Trips, iGuidance, Mobile PC). I have not found any particular value to the 5Hz update frequency of the M7 and Streets&Trips won't even work when it's in that mode. I think the data speed from the virtual COM port when the M7 is USB connected is also too fast for Streets&Trips.

Any receiver with good user reviews that delivers data in the standard NMEA format will work with all of the programs you mentioned.

Can't help with the local purchasing because I have no idea what is "local" to you. It's probably not what's local to me.

Thank you so much both for your input, I will definitely spend more time today reviewing and searching for one. Thanks again to the both of youse.
Well, I took your advice and bought GlobalSat BU-353 USB GPS receiver.
Marvin Hlavac
That's a decent USB GPS receiver, and a very reputable store, too. If you ever decide that the USB cable between the laptop and the GPS unit is a nuisance, Semsons does stock also a plethora of Bluetooth GPS receivers.
Yeah i sure have checked them out and i truly enjoy their website and ease of use.
I have exactly the same laptop with Blue tooth connectivity. My GPS is Pharos500 BT. It communicates without a hitch.
The Pharos 500 is a fine receiver. However, the Bluetooth sled - if it is even available - is too expensive an option to compete with standalone BT GPS devices these days.

R U talking regular automobile GPS?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Jerry, and welcome to the forum. Terry is talking about plain Bluetooth GPS receivers that can be connected to laptops. Yours consists of two units, 1. the GPS unit, and 2. the Bluetooth unit. I remember few short years ago the Pharos Bluetooth sled was around $100(!).
Any experience with GPS dongles? Jerry.

Welcome. You may find this thread of interest.


Also, just my $.002. A receiver directly attached to the usb port on a computer has at least two issues, three I can think of as follows:
1) not best place for reception (especially if said computer is on seat or anyplace effecting receiver a clear line of site to satellites).
2) computer componets may interfere with reception.
3) most usb receivers stick out enough from the usb port to possibly get snag causing damage to the usb connection.
Marvin Hlavac

Just use at least a short USB extension cable between your laptop and your USB GPS dongle. Extensions usually are included with GPS dongles and also with bundled products, such as MS Streets & Trips w/GPS Locator.
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