Looking for GPS mapping software for Scotland for my laptop
Hello! I am looking for some software that is compatible with A Holux BT-321 Bluetooth GPS receiver. I have already got Microsoft AutoRoute 2007 and I am not impressed with it (starting to think it was a waste of money!!). Me and my girlfriend are looking to go round Scotland you see, and would like to use a laptop to get us round. If anyone could help it would be great, thank you very much.
Ken in Regina
Garmin's Mobile PC - Europe, software-only version, will work with your Holux and will give you an interface that is more like the car GPS receivers.

You can read the and there is a complete forum on here to discuss it.

I'm not sure which of the other laptop programs have maps of the British Isles. iNav's iGuidance might. You can read the reviews and check out the forum here.

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