How to change Garmin Mobile PC attention tone
Does anyone know of a way to change what the attention tone for voice directions? Any help would be greatly appreciated... I'm in a bind with the tone as I need it to be longer.

Thanks in advance
Marvin Hlavac
Hi cletusb,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to change.
Thanks for the welcome.

In the sound options there is an option to have a "bing" tone played before the voice prompts are spoken "*Bing*.. In 400m turn left into High St".
I'd like to be able to change this tone to a custom one
Marvin Hlavac
Thanks! I've never used the "Attention Tone" feature in Garmin Mobile PC. I just enabled it to find out how helpful it is.

If the tone is just a .wav or .mp3 file, then it would be just be matter or replacing that one file. But if the tone is generated differently, then I don't know how to change it. Perhaps someone else, who experimented with it, will enlighten us.
I had a quick look for .wav etc files but nothing jumped out at me, could be my over sight but I doubt its that simple... I can hope tho lol
Marvin Hlavac
I had a quick look, too, but just like you I found no obvious signs of sound files in Garmin Mobile PC folders within Program Files directory. I also checked if in Windows Sounds there was some reference to Garmin Mobile PC, but no luck there either.
perhaps someone who has experimented with this a bit more will eventually stumble upon this thread and let us know what to do.
Ken in Regina
Or you could email Garmin Product Support and ask.

Contact Garmin Support

Just click the "Email Product Support" link in the middle of the page and fill in the blanks.

Hi Ken,

Sorry should of mentioned that I had done that before posting. All I got was a "sorry but this setting cannot be adjusted in the program"

But still... must be a way Outside of the program? *crosses fingers* :P
Ken in Regina
Hi Cletus,

I've looked everywhere Mobile PC stores files and there is nothing there that could contain an alternate tone. It looks like it's either built in to Mobile PC or else Mobile PC is using one of Windows alert tones.

If it's built into Mobile PC you're out of luck. If it's using one of Windows alert tones you can mess with the Audio Properties/Sounds.

If you have a speaker (Volume Control) icon in the System Tray, right-click it and select Adjust Audio Properties, then click on the Sounds tab.

If you don't have a speaker icon in the system tray, go to the Control Panel and select "Sounds and Audio Devices" and click on the Sounds tab.

That's a real long shot and it's not going to be easy to figure out which "event" (sound) is being used by Mobile PC. The quickest way to check if this will produce anything useful will be to click the dropdown selector for "Sound Scheme" and select "No Sounds". Then run Mobile PC and see it the alert beep is still there.

If it is still there, it's built into Mobile PC.

If it's gone, then you can play with the different events to see which one it is and change it.

I'll leave it to you how badly you want to chase this.

Those tones are embedded in the English_American_.vpm file(If using American English) in your GMPC\Voice folder. It also dependent on whether you are using TTS or Non TTS voice. I use Voice editor and change them. (voice editor will extract individual wav files from vpm files) English_American_.vpm file has 116 wav files. You can change these to whatever sound you want, Hope this helps, if you need more detail let me know.

For Non TTS Voice
wav file 039 is tone before turn
wav file 026 is tone after turn (continue on route)
wav file 065 is for proximity poi alert (Like speed trap,red light cam)

For TTS voice
wav file 065 is used for all alerts.
Marvin Hlavac
mrbombastic, that's excellent! Thanks! And welcome to Laptop GPS World.
Because of laptopgpsworld, mp3car and other forums, I am now a gps junky and learned a whole lot about GMPC and other navigation software. Thanks to you Marvin and all contributing member. Keep up the good work.
I found the almost perfect TTS voice for GMPC, it is NextUp-Acapela Brightspeech Heather22, much better than MS Samantha.
Marvin Hlavac
Nice, I just listened to her voice sample at nextup.com. I'm not sure how easy or difficult it is to add a new voice to Garmin Mobile PC, but I suspect it is more complicated than just buying and installing the voice.

If you ever feel like starting a new thread, describing the procedure, it would be highly appreciated, and we could link it from our Garmin Mobile PC FAQ.
mrbombastic, your fantastic Going to search for voice editor now, or can you provide a link? Then my car nav set up will be working 100% how I want (well as close to as I can get it with my alpine deck hehe) Thanks again from a mp3car novice

Thanks to Marvin and Ken for their input as well
I am not sure if its ok to paste link here, but PM me I wiil send you the link.
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