Car power and antenna
I'm looking for an auto Power Laptop Adapter for TOSHIBA Satellite A105-S4384 and a USB GPS antenna. Which one should I buy? Any good shop to get it?

I have had a look to the MS Streets and Trip and I liked it. I couldn't work with it because I'm in Spain now and it doesn't have the European maps. I'm wishing to come back to Kentucky next week to buy the car adapter and antenna.

Hope your advices!

Marvin Hlavac
Hi David,

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Since you've used and liked Microsoft Streets & Trips in North America, you could consider buying Microsoft AutoRoute with GPS receiver in Europe. You would get a software program you already know, and you would get a USB GPS receiver with it (just make sure you buy the bundle that includes the optional GPS "locator". I suspect some local computer stores or electronic stores carry it. If not, try Microsoft AutoRoute or see if you can locate a better deal somewhere closer to you.

If you just want a USB GPS unit alone (if you already have a GPS navigation software program), then look around for BU-353 (made by GlobalSat). It is a popular unit with a good reputation. It is based on the very good SiRFstarIII chipset. It costs around $50.

Not sure about the power supply. Hopefully others will suggest some solution.
Thank for your answer!

I will buy the antenna. I don't need the GPS for Europe, I live in Kentucky, but I'm in Europe just for the Winter Break.

I'll wait till next week to get it, I'll come back to the States at the end of the next week and I want to be there to receive it at my place.

I travel a lot there and it will be very useful! I'll try to find the power adapter for my laptop to have everything!

Thanks a lot for your help.
Marvin Hlavac
David, check the following discussion, too: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/60-need-help-laptop-power-issues
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