Garmin Mobile PC locks up my mouse intermittently
Just received my copy of Garmin Mobile PC and am experiencing mouse lockups of about 45 seconds when making certain selections - Extras for instance. Loaded some POIs and can get to them, but the delay seems VERY odd. Seems to act this way for any type of search.

HP laptop running Vista SP2 with 3 gig of ram and 110 gig free disk space.

Anyone else see this behavior?

Thanks for your thoughts...

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Brad,

Have you managed to identify the cause of the mouse lockups since you posted the question? I personally have not observed such behavior on my laptop running Garmin Mobile PC.
Yes, after much trial and error, I discovered it was caused by a process named QPService.exe. It is part of HP's "Quick Play" application. If I disabled this process with "Task Manager", Mobile PC searches worked fine. The only way I was able to stop this process permanently was to uninstall the "Quick Play" application. Did not want to just hack the registry.

Garmin's tech support had not seen this behavour, but finally said it must be some other application causing the problem, so I began the search.

We're MUCH better now ...


I also recommended to Garmin that they add a Truck/RV profile like the new 465T Nuvi to Mobile PC as I found attaching a Laptop to a pedrestian to be some what painful. Quite easy in my Freightliner RV. Here's hoping.
Marvin Hlavac
Brad, the pedestrian routing can be useful to people who own pocket-sized UMPCs, but I do agree Truck/RV option would be welcome by many users, too.

Congrats on identifying the issue with the mouse lockups!
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