Garmin Mobile PC Europe doesn't show maps when connected to GMPC USA GPS20x
I bought a laptop GPS software, Garmin Mobile PC Europe, and bought a receiver from Garmin-US. Recently, I traveled to Europe and surprisingly I can not open the map. I looked at the installed files and it seems all the maps are in the directory. The GPS View Map function does not work (can not show the map). I installed the American version of Garmin Mobile PC, and it shows North America map beautifully.

The company I bought the software is in UK. Did anybody have the same problems or any suggestions. Thanks a lot.

Ken in Regina
Hi Peter,

We need more details.

1. What version of Mobile PC Europe did you buy? The software-only version? Or one of the versions that are bundled with GPS receivers (GPS10x or GPS20x)?

2. What version of Mobile PC North America did you buy? Software-only? Or with a receiver (which receiver)?

3. What model of Garmin receiver did you buy? Did you actually buy it seperately or did it come with one of the Mobile PC versions?

4. What version of Windows are you using?

I have the software-only version of Mobile PC North America and it does not like to work with Garmin receivers. It works fine with any other GPS receiver but it will not work with my two Garmin GPS receivers. There is another program (GPSGate) that I have to run first so Mobile PC can't see that it's a Garmin receiver and then it's okay.

But that doesn't sound like the problem you are having. At least when Mobile PC is not working with the Garmin receiver I can still view the maps.

When you have Mobile PC Europe installed, can you check in your C:\Program Files\Garmin\GarminMobilePC folder and see if you have a "gmapprom.img" file?

Here's something that should get things working for you.

- Install Mobile PC Europe.
- Rename the "gmapprom.img" file to "gmapsupp.img" and copy it somewhere safe.
- Install Mobile PC North America and make sure it's working.
- Copy the "gmapsupp.img" file to the ...\GarminMobilePC folder so it now contains both "gmapprom.img" and "gmapsupp.img" files.
- Now you should be able to switch between Europe and North America maps.

You switch maps by selecting TOOLS, Manage My Data, Map Sets, then click the MapSource button. You should see both "CN North America ..." and "CN Europe..." maps listed. Just check one or the other, depending upon what you want to see.

Thank you for your help!
My Garmin Mobile PC Europe is 2009 version (bought from Handtec UK) without GPS receiver. My Garmin Mobile PC America is 2008 version with 20k receiver. I am using Garmin Mobile PC America receiver and running Europe GPS software. From the Forum which I read before, it should be compartible.

My Laptop is a Fujitsu and Windows XP. I also copy the gmapsupp.img into d:/program files/garmin/garminmobilepc directory, so now I have both the gmapprog.img and gmapsupp.img files.

The problem first shown is "Can't unlock map using unit ID 3430280147", even I provide the manufacturer's key code of the software.

Thank you again for your help.

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