GPS / Sat Nav on a laptop PC for HGV drivers
Hi all I'm trying to see if it is possible to turn my laptop into a Sat Nav suitable for HGV use. If so, where do I start and is there a very cheap way of doing it as I start my driving career tomorrow 15th June 2009.

All help gratefully received
Ken in Regina
HGV??? I'm going to assume you mean Heavy Goods Vehicle and not Histological Group of Victoria.

If so, I'll put some key words in here that should force some related discussions to be listed at the bottom of this page. Let's try trucker, trucking, RV, oversize, truck routes, rest stops.

With any luck that should cause some related discussions to be listed below. Take a look at them.

EDIT: Woops, that didn't work. I wonder why.... Looks like you'll have to use the search function at the top of the page to search the site. Use some of the words I listed above. There is lots of great discussion on the topic.

Thanks Ken yes i do mean heavy goods vehicle sorry lol but i also meant to say that i need this set up for the UK too
Ken in Regina
Yes, I figured it was in the UK. It's not a term that is seen much here in the colonies.

I see that there is now a list of Similar Threads at the bottom of the page, so you should find a starting point in at least one of them, I hope.

EDIT: By the way, in North America the term OTR is a trucking term meaning "Over The Road", generally refering to long-haul large vehicle drivers.

Lol Unless anyone out there feels really generous and happens to have a Truck Sat Nav spare suitable for the uk that could donate to a good cause lol or at least be very cheap as ive been out of work for 2 yrs so i re-trained got my heavy goods licences and start my new job tomorrow,but ive got to work a month in hand so no money for 2 months (AHHHHH) so im broke lol.

But anyway at least i have a job lol

Im not to pround you dont get if you dont ask and i need all the help i can get lol
Marvin Hlavac
Hi lost.biker, and welcome to Laptop GPS World. No Sat Nav / GPS navigation software can reliably create routes appropriate for large vehicles. I'd suggest to consult a printed atlas, or other appropriate reference material, while planning your trips.

Microsoft AutoRoute and Microsoft MapPoint Europe have been popular among truck drivers with laptop computers. The two programs are excellent at letting you easily create and then modify a route from A to B. This software hasn't been designed to plot truck-specific routes, but you can use your atlas to find out which roads to avoid, and then modify your trip on the laptop accordingly.

You can download a 60-day fully functional Microsoft MapPoint Europe. A download link is within the discussion thread following the above review).
Just a caveat that Autoroute has not been updated in two years.

Marvin, I'm curious, in the US, you'd have responded with at least three different programs and told the poster to try them all. In Europe, is it really that different?
Marvin Hlavac
Tao, because of the ease at which a plotted route can be modified, I think I would suggest Microsoft software even in USA/Canada. But that's just a one person opinion, nothing more and nothing less. People do use other software successfully.

Other software in the UK to explore would be a product made righ in the UK, by Directions LTD: PC Navigator 9. There is a truck version available, too, (and they plan to release a truck version for USA/Canada, too).

Still, even if a product advertises the ability to route large trucks, do not rely on it. Especially a new driver should not rely on it.
Well guys I've decided to go for one of the free netbooks you get when you sign up for mobile broadband, and yes I know you end up paying over the top in the end but I don't have to lay out in the first place when I aint got it, I've gone for the Samsung N110 and it seems to be a cracking little machine so far. The reason for this choice is by going this way it can also be used as a TV, DVD player and can be used on the net. Also, don't forget as my Sat Nav, LOL.

I managed to install PC Navigator 6 on to it, but now I need to get a GPS receiver which I'm collecting this Saturday for 25. I also need a 12/24 charger for it so if anyone see`s one or has a spare, please let me know! Also this Samsung has a 9hr battery usage which from the choice it was the longest lasting one. I will keep you informed on how it goes About