'Location Finder' feature in Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007
I'm running Streets & Trips 2007 on a laptop and am getting "tight" on disc space - I noticed that S&T loaded a 60+ MB folder (Microsoft Location Finder) during installation - I never plan to use this "find location" feature - does anyone here know if this folder can be deleted without screwing up anything else in Windows ? - From what I can find on the Internet, uninstalling the location finder application does not remove the large database initially loaded with with S&T - I could really use the disc space it's using - thanks
Marvin Hlavac
I no longer have the 2007 version of Streets Trips installed, but I would look into Options if there is a way to disable the feature, then I would look into Add/Remove Programs if "Location Finder" can be removed there, too, and then I would Cut & Paste the 60MB folder to a different location (Desktop) temporarily, before deleting it permanently, just to see if Streets & Trips can run fine without it.
Marvin - thanks for your suggestions - this seems to be a much more prudent approach than my current urge to just "wipe out" something I didn't want to have loaded in the first place.
Ken in Regina
Marvin's a smooth, easy-going sorta chap. He's just describing a more gen-teel and refined way to wipe it out.

Marvin Hlavac
Actually, what I was originally going to suggest, but didn't, was to just uninstall the whole Streets & Trips 2007, and then just download and install the newest Streets & Trips 2009 60-day free trial.
If you can find the folder in your file structure, you might try renaming it to anything else before deleting it to see if that sabotages anything you really want S&T to do. If not after a sufficiently long trial period, then it is probably safe to delete the folder. On the other hand, if all hell breaks loose, just rename it back to what it was originally and you should be OK. If not, re-install the program folder and all.

BTW, worried about 60 Mb? Now that is tight!
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