NAVTEQ Announces Availability of Next Generation 3D Visual Content
Marvin Hlavac
CHICAGO, June 16, 2009 -- NAVTEQ, the leading global provider of digital map, traffic and location data for in-vehicle, portable, wireless and enterprise solutions, today announced availability of Motorway Junction Objects, an exciting addition to its growing visual content portfolio and a first of its kind solution.

Motorway Junction Objects - launching first in Australia, with expansion to the United States and Europe thereafter - is a unique content offering designed around a rich set of features that can help drivers make more intuitive decisions at complex highway junctions and motorway rings. In addition to enhancing lane guidance information, it enables navigation systems to display full 3D animation of complex junctions. By more closely matching what is outside the windshield, drivers will be better prepared to avoid last-minute maneuvers, so that they can drive with confidence and ease.

Built from key attributes and geometry of the highly accurate NAVTEQ(R) map, Motorway Junction Objects enables situation specific 3D context, so that visualization of the approach through the entire junction can be created in real-time. This unique build approach also means that the product will be closely aligned with ongoing expansion and updates to the NAVTEQ map, and applications can seamlessly incorporate other map content to further enhance the driver experience and improve orientation. The innovative 3D representation of reality that Motorway Junction Objects enables was developed by combining NAVTEQ's own extensive expertise in navigation with user interface insights and advanced technology.

Key findings from NAVTEQ's proprietary consumer research on the cognitive recognition aspect of visual aids were also incorporated into the design of this product. The research found that consumers want visual features that help make driving easier, but not more entertaining. They see high value in solutions that allow for split-second recognition of visual cues which require their attention and action.

"Consumers want features that make it easier to understand navigation directions in complex driving situations," says Tiffany Treacy, vice president of global product management. "With this in mind, NAVTEQ created Motorway Junction Objects to enable our partners more flexibility to design applications that meet this consumer need."

Motorway Junction Objects will give NAVTEQ's customers the ability to not only provide greater context to visual cues for their consumers, but will enable them to customize the "look and feel" both from competitors and within their own product portfolios. To provide greater flexibility for implementation in current and future navigation applications, as well as to accommodate hardware and software constraints, Motorway Junction Objects is available in three levels of detail. Texturing used in the 3D models also allows applications to manipulate what is displayed or highlighted in order to create a unique brand experience.

Sample data for Motorway Junction Objects is available for beta testing, with plans for commercial launch next month. The content is designed to work seamlessly with NAVTEQ's broader suite of visual content, including Sign-As-Real, 3D City Models and 3D Landmarks.


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